Why You Should Not Live With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Before Marriage?

In our society today it has become very common for couples to make the decision to live in the same household before making a commitment to get married. Most individuals believe that living with their boyfriend or girlfriend allows the couple to see how their significant other acts on a regular basis. Many people are taking the principles that are instilled into a marriage and bringing it into dating. Living with your boyfriend or girlfriend is not a not the best choice to make because it allows both individuals in the relationship to get too comfortable and to not take their relationship seriously.

There are many couples who make it seem as though living with their boyfriend or girlfriend is acceptable because if both individuals love each other, then it should not be a problem to live together. I once believed that living with a boyfriend was acceptable being that if I loved the guy I was with I had to move in with him. I had to come to the realization that living with a boyfriend is not the best decision for me to make because I know that I will become a wife one day. I refuse to perform wifely duties to a boyfriend because he has not made a commitment to marry me so why should I waste my time moving in with a guy and I am not sure if he wants to be with me for the rest of my life.

I know that some people are afraid that if they do not move into the same household as their significant other than the relationship is bound to end. People view living with their boyfriend or girlfriend as a fantasy like if they live with the person they are dating they will grow to fall in love with each other even more. Waking up next to someone who is not your husband or wife causes one or both individuals in the relationship to want more from their partner, which could be marriage for many individuals. Not everyone who is in a relationship might not want to get married and probably do not view marriage as being sacred.

I know that I probably will get some backlash from making these comments about why it is not a good idea to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you cannot expect someone to fully commit to you and you are doing things out of order. Living with a boyfriend or girlfriend is a worldly standard that society tries to push into various religious communities. Temptation is bound to be a serious problem if a couple makes the decision to live together before marriage. It does not matter if the couple claims to be celibate, if they choose to live together they are more than likely will participate in sexual activity.

When you are intimate with someone who you are dating, you are clouding your judgment and not allowing yourself to identify your boyfriend or girlfriend’s behavioral traits. There is nowhere in the bible that says that a person has to submit to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Submission is for marriage, not for a non-committed relationship. It may be seen as a cute idea to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but after a while you probably will start to see another side to your partner that you never paid attention to beforehand. The goal of a relationship should move to marriage. Principles that are found in a marriage should not be brought into a non-committed relationship because then both individuals will start to lose respect for one another and eventually have resentment.

Moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend does not mean your relationship is getting serious. A relationship can only get serious if your boyfriend has proposed marriage to you and both you and your partner are making preparations to get married. People always mistake that if a couple moves in with one another means that they are truly in love and will eventually get married one day. There are many relationships that ended to due to fact they chose to live in the same household as their significant other instead of choosing to do things the right way and have a courtship. There is no way that God will bless a relationship that is unequally yoked. You cannot expect your significant other to marry you if you are showing the person they do not have to put any effort to show you they want you to be their spouse one day.

Wife and husband duties should not be performed by a boyfriend or girlfriend. No matter how many times you tell yourself living with your boyfriend or girlfriend is acceptable, how long are you going to allow yourself to play house with someone without there being any commitment. Playing house should not even be option if you are just dating someone. Living in the same household is only meant for married couples not a boyfriend or girlfriend. If a person can ask you to move in with them then they should propose marriage. Shacking up is not the way to go and if your relationship ends because the person you are with cannot understand why you would rather not move until marriage, then they are not the right person for you. You won’t have to compromise your beliefs when you are with the right person. The person you are destined to be with will respect your standards and be willing to do things that pleases God.

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