Why is It Necessary for Individuals to Have an Accountability Partner in Their Life?

An accountability partner could be a friend that an individual has who will help them through various stages in their life and encourage them to surround themselves with positivity. There is a special type of person who can play the role as an accountability partner because they more than likely will be a part of the good and bad times a person will face in their lifetime. It is always important to have someone in your life who will not judge you no matter what issues you face in life. Many people automatically assume that people they associate with on a daily basis should be considered to be their accountability partner, but in reality there will always be one particular person who you can communicate with and will strive to push you to accomplish certain things.

An accountability partner could be anyone that you have a close relationship with that you trust and you know for a fact that they will not criticize the decisions you make in life. It may be difficult at times to have a friend who can act as an accountability partner because some people make themselves seem as though they can be trusted, but have no intentions of being a genuine friend to you. It can be lonely to go through life and not have someone to talk to about your problems. You don’t necessary have to always go to a therapist to talk about the issues you are facing in your life. It can be hard to open up to someone because you might be afraid that if you reveal too much of your personal issues to them they might throw your issues back in your face if you ever have an argument with them.

During my childhood, I felt at alone at times because I felt like I never had a friend that I considered to be someone I could fully trust. I never had a problem making friends and consider myself to be very sociable, but for some odd reason it was always hard for me to actually keep a group of friends consistent in my life. Being that I have a twin sister I never actually felt that I needed to seek friendships with a lot of people because I already was blessed with a friend who I was able to share my mother’s womb with. It took many years before I realized that my accountability partner was actually my sister.

I believe every individual goes through a season where it seems as though they do not have any friends to share their life with. God will place the right people into your life when he feels as though you are ready. Having an accountability partner is all about having someone in your life who will not allow you to wallow in your fears. At times it may seem like our accountability partner wants to see us be successful than we actually would like to be. Your accountability partner might be given the gift of spiritual discernment to see your accomplishments before you ever will. I know that there are times where I could be talking to my sister could be talking about something and she just compliments me about a certain area in my life.

It is amazing and uplifting to have a friend who wants to see you be successful in various aspects in your life. The conversations you have with your accountability partner should be surrounded around positivity. I know there were times where I just wanted to give up and just not worry about accomplishing a certain goal, but my sister pushed me to not allow my fears to get the best of me and that I am winner no matter if the situation I am placed does not always turn in my favor. I enjoy motivating my sister to do better because it makes me happy to see someone else strive to achieve goals they have set for themselves to accomplish.

For many years I searched to have a friend in my life who could grow to be my accountability partner, but my accountability partner was already in my life I just had to mature and open my eyes up to the fact that we have someone in our corner we just not realize it until later on in life. I hope that everyone is able to build a meaningful relationship with someone that they could considered to be more than a friend but like a brother or sister. Every human being needs someone in their life who is not going to be their “yes man”, but hold them accountable for the actions they choose to make and uplift them in any way that they can.

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