The Red Flags That People Tend to Ignore While Being in a Romantic Relationship

Every individual has had their fair share of relationships that were bound for disaster because they may have ignored the red flags that was constantly showing up during different encounters they had with the person  they chose to get in a serious relationship with. The only way to truly understand how to not make the same mistakes again in a romantic relationship is to understand what behavioral patterns you should look out for before even entertaining the idea of dating someone. I believe that most people will ignore the red flags when they are in a relationship because they do not want to keep constantly dating a new person when they finally open their eyes to the truth, which is that the person they are in a relationship with was not being truthful with them. There are six red flags that every individual should look out for when they are dating someone.

Red Flag #1 If the person you are dating tends to talk about their past relationships excessively. Every individual has probably experienced being in a romantic relationship that they thought was going to grow into something serious, but the reality is that some people we are just not meant to be with. There are people who have not fully moved on from their past relationships and will bring up their exes when they are out on a date with someone else. It is disrespectful for a person to constantly to talk about their past relationships because it shows that they are spending all of their time worry about their ex that they are missing out on a chance to actually be in a healthy relationship. No matter if this person tells you they have no feelings towards their ex, their actions are showing you that if they had the chance to mend their previous relationship with a former boyfriend or girlfriend they will probably do so.

Red Flag #2 If the person you are dating does not have a relationship with God, religious beliefs are not the same as yours. There are people who would be willing to compromise their religious beliefs to be in a relationship just so that they can fill a void in their life. If you are a Christian, you should not date someone whose religious beliefs are not similar to yours. If a person tells you that they are not a Christian why even waste your time dating them. You know that it will come a time where your religious beliefs might cause friction in the relationship because the other person will not understand your lifestyle and why you take your relationship with God seriously.

Red Flag #3 If the person you are dating has a bad temper or tends to get upset easily. Every human being will be placed in situations that they will make them become upset depending how severe the circumstance is. When some people get upset they tend to take their anger out on people who around them and I would be a bit concern if a person I am dating tends to lash out at me for something I was not even a part of. Having a bad temper can cause individuals to say things that they might later regret, but at the moment they might not care what comes out their mouth because they need someone to yell at instead of finding another way to channel their anger. Having a bad temper can even lead someone to cause physical harm to someone else. It is important to see the level of aggression a person has while you are dating to verify if you can deal with them. Having too much aggression can lead to an altercation that can leave you and your significant other in serious trouble with the law or even seriously injured emotionally and physically.

Red Flag #4 If the person you are dating makes it known that they do not have any intentions to be in a serious relationship, but you still try to change their mind.

I think people tend to make the mistake with making themselves believe that they can change a person mind about being in a serious relationship with them. If a person has made it clear that they have no intentions of being in a committed relationship with you do not allow yourself to believe that you have the capability to change their perspective on life. Some people will be completely honest with you in the beginning of a relationship. It would be devastating to be in a relationship with someone for many years thinking that the relationship will grow into a marriage, but the other person does not feel that taking that step is necessary. If you want to be in a marriage one day, do not date someone who has no intentions of getting married.

Red Flag #5 If the person you are dating does not respect your morals and constantly pressuring you to participate in activity that goes against what you believe in.

 There are people who will jump into a relationship with someone who does not respect their morals and is always pressuring them to change their standards. If you constantly having to change yourself to please your significant other, then you are allowing someone to manipulate you to change into a person who has no standards. Being in a relationship should not require a person to change their way of life to fit their significant other’s. Both individuals’ life should mesh well with one another and should not cause conflict to up rise because there is something about the person you may not like, but instead of talking to them about your concern you give them ultimatum threatening to leave them if they do not do what you want them to do. Your goal in a relationship is not to change a person, but to form a romantic connection with someone that helps you grow closer to God.

Red Flag #6 If the person you are dating is verbally or physically abusing you

Being in abusive relationship can make a person start to feel insecure about themselves and to form trust issues. I think that some people may not recognize the signs of an abuser because most abusers are very charming and make themselves seem as though they are normal, but in a reality is just a façade that hiding who they truly are. Whether you are being verbally or physically assaulted by your significant other it is unacceptable. A person who truly loves you will not degrade you and make you feel like you are not worthy.


There are a variety of other red flags that many people will ignore while they are in a relationship with someone because they might not want to actually look for any flaws a person has because they just want to fill needed by someone else. No one in this world is perfect and there will be flaws a person that you can deal with, however there are some set of flaws that you should not ignore because it will show you if the relationship has the potential to become toxic.



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