Are Millennials Having a Difficult Time Obtaining a Job with Major Corporations?

Major corporations do not like to hire young individuals due to the fact they do not have enough work experience, lack of professionalism, and do not have enough interpersonal communication skills. I know that many college students are getting prepared to graduate and believe that they will easily land a job. Not all recent college graduates will be able to land a job because they have a degree in a certain career field that probably is not in high demand. Many academic advisors are not really being honest with college students about the majors they choose pursue during their undergraduate years. There are thousands of majors that students can major in, but the downside to that is that only 11 of them actually can help you land a job.

The 10 majors that will definitely help recent college graduates land a job is having a degree in Education, Computer-Science, Engineering, Nursing, Math, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Criminal Justice, and English. There is a very high demand for jobs in these career fields and many millennials do not understand that just because they have a college degree will not guarantee them to get a high-paying job. It is no use to waste thousands of dollars on getting a college education and you cannot even get a job in that particular career field. I know that many people have high hopes of pursuing a career, but you have to go for a job that is going to still there be in high demand in the next 10 to 15 years.

Major corporations do not like to always take the risk of hiring millennials because they know that the majority of them probably do not have enough credentials to make them an effective employee. There might be other job opportunities in other countries, but in America there are only a limited amount of jobs that are made available in each career field. There are some college majors that will definitely not land you a job due to the fact there really is no need for it. It is so important before young individuals decide to go to college that they have an idea of what type of job they would like to pursue. Not all career fields require you to go to college, but it is vital that students do an extensive research on the job they would like to pursue before spending the next four years majoring in a subject that will help them get a job after they graduate.

There are so many people who are working at a minimum-wage job and have a college degree, but could not land a job they went to school to learn more about. Now these individuals are struggling to pay back their student loans and keep money in their pocket. I do not know about you, but for me I do not want to be struggling financially and cannot pay my bills on time. College was not created for every individual to attend and not every college major that is offered at a particular university will actually be beneficial to the student in the long run. As you can see I am a blogger, but did not major in Journalism. There are some jobs you really do not have to go to college to exactly land a job for.

Many academic advisors will not tell you the truth about college majors, but many students make the mistake of majoring in a subject that will not earn them any money in the near future. During my freshman year of college, I majored in Political Science. Political Science is not really a career field and I decided to change my major from that to Criminal Justice, which I am now planning to become a law enforcement official after I receive my Bachelor’s Degree. It is always best to do research on a particular career because it would be a waste of time for you to get your college degree and you soon find out when you are applying to jobs that you are underqualified or ineligible to do the fact you do not have the educational background that most companies expect their employees to have or the work experience.

Sometimes you can get away with not having a certain college degree and still land the job depending if you were referred by someone who works for the company. I think many millennials tend to put all their eggs in one basket when it comes to applying to jobs. There are many high-paying jobs where you do not even have to have a college degree, but certification in. It may be easy for some millennials to job a after graduation and some will have a difficult time actually finding somewhere to work.

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