Is It Really Necessary for Christians to Wear a Purity Ring to Remind Them to Not Participate in Sexual Activity?

In the Christian community it is very common for many individuals to assume that they have to wear a purity ring to remind themselves to not be tempted into participating in sexual activity. A purity ring signifies that a person pledges to remain celibate until they get married. In my opinion, you do not have to wear a purity ring to remind yourself to not be sexually immoral. I know that many people may not be aware that a purity ring is not found anywhere in the Bible because God does not force us to wear symbols on our body pledging we will live right and not entertain our flesh when we become weak or vulnerable.

The purity ring was exactly created during the 1990’s to get young individuals to be celibate and to not be afraid to be a Christian in a secular and demonic society. LifeWay Christian Bookstore is one of many companies that sells purity rings that individuals can design their ring by placing bible scriptures or quotes on them. Being that I am a Christian, I really do not see any point of wearing a purity ring because you do not have to make a pledge in front other people stating that you will be celibate. It is no one’s business if you are a virgin or not and I think many individuals like the idea of getting a purity ring because of the amount of attention they can get from it.

There is nothing wrong with being celibate, but do you really have to wear a necklace or a ring to remind yourself that God will show favor over your life if you choose to live for him. As human beings we all will make mistakes and I do not think that it is necessary to get a purity ring if God has not place a conviction over your heart to wear one. I do not think it is ever a good idea to follow trends because the majority of the time people will take certain aspects of the bible and center it around worldly standards and say that this particular trend was created by God.

I do not think purity rings have nothing to do with the Bible because there is no bible scripture stating that all Christians have to wear a purity ring so that they will not be tempted to fornicate. I remember seeing this article online about a bride who presented a purity certificate to her husband on their wedding day. Instead of presenting the purity certificate in private, the bride did it in front all of their wedding guests and the story got so much controversy that it went viral. You can make a covenant with God that you will remain celibate without even having a purity ring on your finger.

A purity ring can only be worn by someone who is a virgin or celibate and if a person breaks their pledge they are not considered to be pure anymore. I really do not like the dynamics that goes with wearing a purity ring because this trend just comes off as a way of judging individuals who may be struggling with being celibate. Being a virgin does not make you free from sin although some people tend to think you are perfect if remain one until marriage. Whether you are a virgin or not you will sin on various occasions in your life. It is never a good idea to participate in activity because everyone else is doing it. Purity rings can brainwash individuals to believe that they have to wear one to let everyone know that they are living for God.

I do not know when society has made people so comfortable to the point where they are discussing their sexuality all of the time. There is not point of wearing a purity ring because it is a piece of jewelry that really holds no significance because it created by man, instead of God. The only ring you really should be wearing on your finger is your wedding ring because when you get married you make a covenant with God and your spouse to honor one another and to stay together through good and bad times.

A purity ring is nothing but a piece a metal that you should not idolize because when you are feeling weak you should pray to God for clarity and discernment. A piece of jewelry will not help you in your time of need, only God can do that. I understand that a purity ring was created for individuals to think of celibacy as a trend. Being celibate should not be a trend, but a lifestyle. There is really no point in being celibate if you really do not understand why you should not be sexually immoral. You do not have to make big announcement to the world that you are celibate because it is no one’s business, but God and your future spouse.

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