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God Send Me My Husband Book Review

God, Send Me My Husband written by Sherylynne L. Rochester is about a woman who has become impatient and depressed during her season of singleness and is determined that if God does not send her husband by a certain deadline she will take matters unto her own hands. This book represents what can happen to a person who is currently single and are growing tired of waiting on God to give them their blessings they believe they rightfully deserve. I do not want to give too many spoilers away from this book, but there are a variety of life lessons that readers can learn from reading this book.

Being that I am avid reader of Christian novels and considered myself to be a book critic, I really enjoyed reading this book because I felt a connection to the main character when she went through certain circumstances when she was single and in a committed relationship with someone. I think that people who become consumed with being in a relationship do not really accept the fact that they have to be single for a certain amount of time and allow God to show them what their purpose is in life. Not all people are destined to be in a marriage and some individuals are afraid of being single for the rest of their life because they feel as though they are going to miss out on being loved by someone.

The main character in the book, Lailah, is a Christian single that has been struggling for the past couples of years to get over her past relationship and is not really sure if the right man will ever come into her life. Lailah is very insecure about her physical appearance and thinks if she makes changes to herself than the man she is destined to be with will immediately come into her life. Although, Lailah hears God’s voice on a regular basis and attends church she still has an issue with believing that she is capable of being loved by someone. Instead of using her quiet time with God to grow closer to him, she questions God’s authority over her life and feel as though she knows what is best.

Over time Lailah’s spiritual relationship with God suffers and she starts to hear less and less from God as she decides to live according to worldly standards. I believe this book is a representation of any individual who might be contemplating whether or not they should give their life fully to Christ or choose to allow their flesh to have complete control over them. It can be nerve wrecking to not know how your life will turn out, but the good thing is that if you have faith in God no matter if you go through trials and tribulations, you can still come out strong.

Pestering God all of time on when he is going to send you your spouse will not speed up the process, but only hinder you from actually receiving your blessing at the destined time. I know that it can be hard to be content with being single especially when everyone you know is married or getting engaged. It may seem like you are the only single person left on this Earth, but really there are millions of people who are in the same boat as you are. Maybe if individuals would spend more time with God and trying to better themselves then maybe they can live an abundant life and stop worrying about if they ever will be in a relationship with someone that has the potential to  grow into a marriage.

Sherlynne Rochester teaches readers that being single does not mean that you cannot have a fun and adventurous life. When you do not worry about the things that you do not have in your life at the current moment, then God will be able to bless you for being obedient and staying faithful to him even when you do not understand why you are placed in certain situations. Everyone has a calling over their life, but it is up to the person if they are going to allow God to use them or they just going to sit and just allow their negative thoughts to make them think that God has forgotten all about them.



  1. As a Christian single who has officially reached Old Maidhood / Spinster Status, I can tell you that you can’t win. You can follow all the rules the church lays down to perfection, and watch girls ten years younger than you get married as soon as they’re out of high school which makes you wonder what you did wrong and they did right. Since more women than men attend church anyway, the odds are very good that there will be leftover women who won’t find their potential spouses at church because all the men are spoken for.
    All the while, it’s been nothing but marry, marry, marry, babies, babies, babies – neither of which seems to be on God’s to-do list. I really wish that if he’s going to run my life that he would at least consult me or give me a heads up or something. The last thing I need is a cautionary tale about he consequences of taking matters into my own hands. I gave God a decade and I don’t think I can wait another or another after that.

  2. I just finished this book and I must say that I, too, could relate to the main character, Lalilah. I am almost 38 years old and I am not married. I thought I was doing everything right but yet, I feel that I am overlooked by God in finding someone to love and marry. I must admit that it has been extremely hard during this journey of singleness. I feel so lonely at times and at times, I want to steer my life in my direction like Lalilah. After reading this book, I feel a little better about trusting God but at times, I still get frustrated about the way God is developing my life. I know I still have to trust him…

    1. I get frustrated at times too but I know that God has a bigger plan for my life. There is nothing wrong with being single. Society puts so much pressure on women to be married at a certain age but whose to say when you do experience marriage you will be truly happy. Even if I never get married just being able to wake up each morning is a blessing for me. I am glad you read my blog post. I hope you stay encouraged. God knows the desires of your heart and will grant them to you when the time is right.

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