Should Christians Find a Church Home that Fits their Personal Preferences?

For the past year in a half, I have been searching for a church home within the city I currently live in. but have had a difficult time actually finding a church that I actually like and would like to be a member of. I know that attending church is important because I need to hear the Word of God and also fellowship with others. There has been many different churches I have attended in the past few months where I was a little turned off by the dynamics of that was practiced. I know that there is no such thing as a perfect church because we all fall short of the glory of God, but it tends to be frustrating to me that I have not find a permanent church home yet.

I grew up attending a traditional Baptist church, where hymns were read out of a hymn book and the pastor tended to preach from the King James version of the Bible. I know that attending a Baptist church is what I am used to and would definitely feel more at home at a church that was both traditional and contemporary at the same time. In some aspects, I have enjoyed attending a service at a contemporary church, but I still felt a disconnection somewhere along the lines. There was one particular contemporary church I was attending for almost a full year and never became member because I did not feel the Holy Spirit really pushing me to be a part of this church. I even joined a small group at this church, but I felt like my expectations went downhill after a couple of months because this church did not really move me in a way that influence me to want to join.

Many churches across the United States and even other countries are taking out the authentic style of preaching where individuals can attend church and be able to see the pastor preach the sermon. There are many churches where it could be one home-based church and the church could be located in different areas, but instead of the pastor physically going to their different churches to preach every Sunday, members will watch the sermon at designated church building on a big screen like they are at the movies. I do not like these types of churches because I feel as though it is not really church and that it feels like I can watch the sermon at home on my computer or television.

I know that there are people who enjoy attending these types of churches, but in my opinion, I cannot attend a church where the pastor is not physically preaching at because I want to be able to fellowship with my pastor and not feel as though I have to travel to his/her home based church to hear them preach. Each Sunday would past by and I would not even feel motivated to go to church because I felt as though there was no point in going when they is really no pastor physically there to preach anyway. I am not ashamed to say that I have not found a church home at this particular moment in life and will keep attending different churches until I feel as though I have find the right one to become a member at.

There is no point in becoming a member of a church if you are not going attend service or even participate in activities held at the church. I would rather not join a church where I feel as though I am compromising my personal beliefs to be a part of a church that I do not feel any type of emotional connection with. I take my spiritual relationship with God very seriously and I definitely would benefit more at joining a church where I know I can grow. Church is more than a place to worship God. Church should be a place where you get to motivate others to have a closer relationship with God.

You do not have to have a leadership position in the church to change lives. You could be an usher, work in the finance department, or even teach Sunday school and still glorify God. I know that one day I will find a church where I do not have to put up a front because I feel uncomfortable. It does not make you a bad person because you have not found a church home yet. Sometimes God does not reveal everything we need to know at every given moment. If you attending a church and you feel as though your personal beliefs are interfering with you being able to hear the Word of God, then maybe you should find a church that makes you stay focus and influence you to actually want to come to church on a regular basis.

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