Why Jumping from One Relationship to the Next is A Sign that a Person Might Be Afraid of Being Alone

After a romantic relationship has ended many people tend to become depressed and allow their fears to make them believe that they will never be happy unless they have a boyfriend or girlfriend who has the potential to become their spouse one day. There is nothing wrong with believing in true love, but are you truly allowing yourself to heal and to just jump into another relationship without actually really deciphering if you are truly ready to date again. It is ridiculous that some people have this mindset of believing that they have to constantly date a new person each time their relationship abruptly ends.

Love is a very strong emotion that individuals tend to take for granted at times because they tend to not recognize if they are truly compatible with a person and choose to put their focus on superficial things such as being with someone so that they will not feel alone or even sad. No human being has the power to always make you happy because we all tend to make mistakes at times. From a young age, I have always looked at a relationship as a practice course before marriage, which means if a person is acting a certain way while you are dating them, then they will most likely act the same way in marriage. Rebound dating is the worst thing to do after a breakup because it really just pushes people to not be patient and just spend time with themselves and figure out the role in they played in and how their actions lead to experiencing another breakup again.

I do not know about you, but for me I cannot keep dating one person after the next because after a while it becomes an addiction to want to feel a void in life where it may not be my time actually be with someone. I can get on social media and find a random guy to date, but I am not going to allow my flesh to lead me to make bad decisions over and over again, because I know that God has already picked out my husband for me and what kind of person would I be if I missed out on my blessing because I was being disobedient. What exactly are trying to prove to yourself by jumping from one relationship to the next? I guess many people want to show others that they have the ability to attract various types of individuals, but just because you can attract a particular person does not mean that this person is compatible for you.

A relationship that is rushed and unhealthy will not last for very long. Before even entertaining the idea of dating someone, a person you should get to the point in their life where they are satisfied being single and focus on loving themselves more. Once a person is able to come to realization that they do not need to be in a relationship to fill complete, then dating will not feel as though it is a chore that they must to do to feel satisfied at the end. Being in a relationship should not be viewed as the only opportunity that an individual has to be happy in life. My mother always told me to never put all of eggs in one basket, which means that it is not acceptable to glorify a person or a relationship because you never know how the outcome of the relationship will turn out.

I cannot really say what is an appropriate time to start dating, but if you still feel as though you are worthless unless you are in a romantic relationship then you probably will be devastated and your heart will be broken if the relationship you get in does not work out. Your heart cannot fully heal from a breakup if you keep shrugging your problems off as if you have no emotions. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and to analyze what you did wrong in your past relationships. It is not fair to drag a new person into your drama and make them feel as though you are fully ready to move on with your life.

You will never understand the true meaning of happiness if you do not know how to be fully by yourself and not get so caught up in being in a relationship so that you will not have the time to think about your ex. Jumping from one relationship to the next is not healthy and can misguide a person in the direction of thinking that they have to be involved with someone to be content with their life at the moment.

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