Is it Wise to Share Your Relationship Drama with Your Family and Friends?

Sharing our relationship drama with our family and friends may seem as if it is the most normal thing to do because you want to be able to vent to someone about the frustrations you have with the person you are in a relationship with. It may seem as if your family and friends are the people who can really help you solve your relationship issues, but the more information you share with your loved ones regarding your love life the more judgmental and criticizing will they become. It is never a good idea to involve your family and friends into your relationship drama because you might quickly get over the issue you have with your significant other and they are still mad at the fact that your boyfriend or girlfriend betrayed you.

Family and friends tend to take things out of portion at times when it comes to an individual they are close with gets into a serious relationship. There are some family and friends that can handle anything you tell them about your relationship because they know that you just need to get your frustrations out on the table and instead of them choosing to state their opinions on what you should do about your relationship. There are many family and friends who turn their back on a particular individual if they choose to not leave the person they are in a relationship with. It may seem as though our loved ones want what is best for us, but sometimes they can hinder us from actually being available to receive love from someone else because they want you to live your life according to them instead of you making the choice on who you should date.

It could be very difficult to not tell someone about the issues you are facing in your relationship because you want to get someone else’s opinions on how they would handle the situation if they were in your shoes. No one can really understand what you may be going through in your relationship unless they have experienced the same issues as well. Sometimes getting advice from others on what we should do in a relationship may seem like it is best option at the time until we realize that our loved ones will not see your significant other the same way as you do.

It is never a good idea to reveal all of your relationship drama with your loved ones because drama might occur and they might probably will start to have less respect for you and the person you are with. We all need someone to be there for us when we are going through a crisis in our life, but revealing too much of yourself to someone can give them the opportunity to hurt you in the future. There are people who you are very closed with and you instantly feel the need to tell them the problems occurring in your relationship, but instead of your loved ones actually allowing you to be vulnerable they make the decision to criticize the choices you have made while you have been in a relationship with a particular person.

How would you feel if the people you have trusted to not share your relationship drama  are taking it upon themselves to talk negatively about you when you’re not around? Everyone does not view relationships in the same way and there could be an individual that has friend or loved one they know is having an issue in their relationship they will not allow their personal opinions interfere with them being a good friend to them. No relationship is perfect and has its own set of drama that the two individuals who are involved with one another have to make the decisions whether or not the can deal with each other’s emotional baggage.

Your loved ones should not make you feel like you are a bad person because of the choices you tend to make in a relationship. As a friend it can be very hard to not make comments to your friend who is clearly not happy in the relationship that they are currently in. We might think we know what is best for our loved ones, but at the end of the day a person has to realize for themselves if the relationship they are in is helping them to become a better person or just make them view love as if it is taboo and they have no choice but to accept the bad behavior from their significant other.

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