Do You Have To Obtain a College Degree to Be Successful in Life?

Many people are being manipulated to believe that the only way for them to be successful in life is that they have to attend a college or university so they can obtain a degree that can get them a job with a high paying salary. Media platforms are showing individuals that the only way they can land a job is if they have a college degree, which is not true. There are many entrepreneurs who created a multibillion dollar brand and they did not have a college degree. Steve Jobs, Bills, Mark Zuckerberg were able to beat the odds and prove that just because society has made stereotypes that if you do not have a degree does not mean you cannot be successful in life.

Having a college degree does not guarantee a person a lifetime full of endless opportunities. There are plenty of people who have went off to college and have a degree and are not even working in the career field that they spent four years of their life seeking a higher education in. I know that going off to college is a big accomplishment in many families, but unfortunately being in college will not always lead someone to see what their God-given purpose in life will be. There are millions of people who have a college degree, but it does not mean if you chose to not attend college that you are excluded from ever having a successful career.

It would best to spend your life doing things that you love than something because it brings you more money, and you dread going to work on a daily basis. Getting into a career because you want to have a high-paying salary will not always be the best decision to make because you should not get into a certain career field for the money, but it you truly have a passion for it. I do not think it is a good idea to force yourself to do something that you do not enjoy. Having a career should be more than getting excited over earning a lot of money, but being able to create a platform to help individuals who might not need someone to encourage and motivate them to do better.

Success should not be measured by how much money you earn, but how you spend your time helping individuals within your community. Many people look at others who have become successful and think that their life came with no struggles. The problem with society today is many people see the finish product or the accomplishments someone has made, but they do not see the hard work and dedication a particular person had to go through to make their goals their reality. Money can blind individuals to make irrational decisions because you could base everything off of materialistic things instead of choosing to participate in activities that stimulate you emotionally and allow you to realize that you do not need a lot of money in your pocket to become successful.

Going to college will only be beneficial to individuals whose purpose requires them to obtain more knowledge in a certain career field, in which they will need to a degree to move to the next phase in their life. I am almost done with my college career and doubt myself at times wondering if the career field I want to work in the near future is it really my God-given assignment. From a young age, I enjoyed being in school, but God does not always reveal our destiny until he feels as though we are ready to handle a specific task. I am still trying to find out what my purpose is and I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in May 2018. At times as human beings we can get ahead of ourselves and try to play the role of God and think that we know what is best for our life, however only God knows what your life will end up like. Life is so much more than trying to get a certain amount of money so you can buy materialistic things. Success should be measured on how you treat others and how well your relationship with God is.

Working in a certain career field is not permanent because anything can happen. You may realize one day that you were wasting your time focusing on something that you thought you would enjoy doing on a daily basis, however God showed you that you are good at something else. College does not always end up with people being happy and having a long-term career. The only way you can determine your purpose in life is to spend more time with God. God has all the answers to your problems, not man.

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