Should You Date Someone Who Does Not Share the Same Religious Beliefs as You?

If you are considering being in a serious relationship with someone, it is important that you and the person you are dating share the same principles regarding spirituality, religion, love, and life. Many people become infatuated with a person because they have a mutual interest in a particular activity, but the relationship is not going to work because both individuals do not share the same religious beliefs. In society today, it is more prevalent to see couples who are the complete opposite and basically do not have that much in common.

I do not see how anyone can entertain the idea of dating someone who does not practice the same religion as they do. Whatever denomination that you believe in is a part of who you are and influences you to set standards that you will abide by. Dating someone who has different religious beliefs than you already categorize the relationship as being unequally yoked. There is a reason why God told believers to not get into a relationship with nonbelievers because there would be so many issues that will not be able to be resolved because the other person does not believe in the same things that you do.

As a Christian or follower of Jesus Christ, I am not going to even entertain the idea of dating someone who does not believe in God because I know that it would be unfair for me to have to deal with someone who will not even understand why my spirituality is a major part of who I am. You can always preach the gospel to people interested hearing more about Jesus Christ, but do not make yourself believe you can convert someone to practicing your religion because it is not going to happen and if it does it will possibly make the other person feel resentful.

You cannot force anyone to believe in the same God that you believe in. Everyone did not grow up in a home, where a particular religion was viewed as being important. I know that there are many people who are not Christians, so it would be wise for me to not try to convert someone to my religion because I am attracted to them. Being a part of a particular denomination is a personal choice and should be taken seriously because whatever you choose to practice that is what you will apply to your daily life. I am respectful of other religions and try to keep my opinions to myself about it.

Some people even consider marrying someone who shares different religious beliefs as them, which is very shocking to me. Why would you even allow yourself to even believe that an interfaith marriage will work out. Marriage is a serious commitment and what if you and your spouse have children, what religion is going to be taught to them. Once you bring children into the factor, the interfaith relationship just becomes more confusing to understand. A relationship should be about both individuals having the same morals and principles regarding life.

Many people will tell you that religion is not a part of who they are, but how is it not when you have to have some type of source to help you make decisions. If you don’t believe in anything how can you even be able to be compassionate or loving towards others. An interfaith relationship may not be accepted or even looked as being serious because it is like you are dating someone who you should know is not compatible. What is the purpose of getting in a relationship with someone when you cannot even attend the same church or discuss scriptures in the bible pertaining how you should treat one another.

Many people may not even see how much of a disconnect being in a relationship with someone who shares different religious beliefs can really be. No matter if the person you are dating says they do not have a problem with your religion, issues pertaining your religion would soon be brought up and your significant other may even try to persuade you to convert to their religion.

I feel like changing your religion should not be a decision made by the person you are dating, but from you. If you feel as though your religious beliefs are interfering with connecting with the person you are in a relationship with, then you should stop dating this person.

There are certain standards you should not change about yourself and being that religion is a big influencer of how individuals perceive life, your religious beliefs should not be an issue when you are in a relationship. If two individuals do not share the same faith, then there is no way that this relationship can be healthy and be able to last.

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  1. So very good.

    By marrying someone of the same faith, you’re not just thinking of yourself and your children, you’re thinking of your partner. Marital conflict over religion could be just as detrimental and hurtful to the other person as you; other people might actually be better equipped to minister Christ to that person, as they have less stake in the fight.

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