Are Women Dressing Provocatively to Gain the Attention of Men?

Fashion trends are influencing women to wear more clothing pieces that show too much of their cleavage or other areas of the body that does not need to be seen by anyone who is not their husband. Women are constantly being placed on a pedestal to look as if they are video vixens, but on the flip side need to act as if they classy. Many women have started to believe that dressing provocatively will allow them the chance to gain attention from a guy they are attracted to. The more skin you are willing to show on your body, the more attention you will get from guys. Every woman may not have individuals in their life telling them the truth about dressing in a manner that makes you look as though you are a prostitute.

I believe every woman is a precious gem, but many women do not know their worth and look for men for validation to tell them whether or not they are beautiful. From magazines covers to music videos, you will see various women exploiting themselves by wearing revealing clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination. There was a time where women conducted themselves in a way that they were proud to cover up their bodies and expected men to treat them with the upmost respect. In society today, there are many men who have no respect for women and just think we are only good enough to be a sex object. What has happened to women over the years where now it has become acceptable to dress as if you are trying to sell your body?

Women have started to change their physical appearance by getting plastic surgery so that they can attract the attention of a certain type of man. It so easy for men to make comments on women looking like porcelain dolls because they do not get as much criticism about their appearance as much women receive on a daily basis.

Most women are not changing their appearance or wardrobe for themselves, but to gain attention from the opposite sex. I do not even know why some women even entertain the idea of dressing provocative because if a guy cannot accept you when he first meets you, then he is not the right person for you. Of course many female celebrities will get on the bandwagon and say there is nothing wrong with what a woman chooses to wear, but the type of clothing you wear says a lot about you even if you don’t think so. Many women might not see the clothing they are wearing is attracting the wrong type of people to enter into their lives.  You don’t need a man to tell you are beautiful because you don’t need someone to affirm what you already are.

Every woman has their own set of insecurities that they have to figure out how to deal with and not let their negative thoughts lure them to change their appearance because no one will accept them unless they change. What exactly are gaining from wearing revealing clothes is it because you finally have more followers on social media or maybe there has been a guy you had a crush on for the past couple months has finally taken notice of you. I believe you start to dress provocatively, your attitude starts to change and you become a different person.

Whether you realize it or not, the type of clothing you are wearing shows others how to treat you. If you are wearing revealing clothing, you cannot expect people to treat you with respect when you are showing that your self-worth is based on trying to get attention and on worldly things. It is a shame that so many women feel as though they have to change their physical appearance to be an accepted by a group of people who do not really care about their wellbeing. No matter how many females say that they do not get offended when someone makes opinions on how they dress, they are lying. As a woman we tend to make ourselves believe that our physical appearance does not bother us, but it really does.

You do not have to wear revealing clothing to feel as though you are appreciated. The right guy will appreciate your inner beauty more than what he sees on the outside. Dressing provocatively will get you the wrong type of attention and lure the wrong people to enter into your life. Showing more skin maybe a fashion trend as well as a trap for women to believe that they have to entice a man instead of being themselves and being fully clothed.



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