Can Millennials Be Effective Spiritual Leaders Within the Church?

Millennials are stigmatized by society as being selfish, lazy, and only concerned about the current trends in pop culture.  Millennials should become leaders in their community by acting as mentors to their generation and being more involved in their church. Older generations tend to believe that young people have no direction and are not passionate about coming to church and hearing the Word of God. Older generations tend to forget at times that they were a child at one point in their life and they might have been severely criticized by their parents or by other adults to participate in some type of church activity.

I believe that many people believe that you have to be a certain age to become a spiritual leader or start your own ministry within the church. No human being can tell someone else that they are too young or too old to start a ministry because if God has placed a calling on a particular individual’s life to be a pastor, evangelist, or a missionary then this person must follow their destiny. David was a young boy when the prophet Samuel prophesied that he would become King of Israel. David was considered to the weakling of his siblings because he was the youngest child and his family already predicted that he would do nothing great or magnificent in life. Older generations might have their reservations about many young individuals who might be viewed as inadequate of being effective spiritual leaders within their church, but who is to say that God cannot change a person’s attitude for the better.

At times it seems as though people have lost their faith in God and place everyone in the millennial generation as a disappointment because they were raised during the birth of technology and social media. Every millennial is not a troublemaker or goes out every Friday or Saturday spending their weekends drinking and fornicating. No one has the right to judge someone’s lifestyle because we all fall short of the glory of God and will make mistakes on countless occasions. Being that I am 21 years old and apart of the millennial generation it does not hurt my feelings when I hear older people talking so negatively about my generation because the majority who make negative comments about millennials have done or are doing the same thing individuals in my age group are doing. Age does not make you mature or wise, but in some cases makes a couple of people look as though they are arrogant and judgmental.

Being a spiritual leader does not come with an age requirement, but a calling from God. Your resume does not qualify you to be a minister you could be homeless, a single parent, a criminal, a child, disabled, man or woman and be a servant of Jesus Christ. You do not have to have a list of accolades to be eligible to serve God. We all were brought into a world of sin so what makes some people think they are perfect and everyone else is beneath them. No matter how old you are you can serve God. Being older does not make you a life expert because there are plenty of older individuals still making the same mistakes they made at 18.

I believe the reason why many young people are afraid to become leaders within their church because older individuals are not being supportive. Many young people might be turned away from older individuals in their church to not become leaders in their church because maybe the older adults want to keep having something to complain about during the church services. Not all millennials spend their day on social media trying to keep up with the latest news in pop culture. There are many young individuals who are serving God and just because many older people do actually see someone serving does not mean they are not doing anything. Character is measured by what you do behind closed doors, not what you do in front of others. I see so much potential in my generation and older generations can continue to make accusations and stereotypes saying millennials are lazy and ignorant.


Millennials are the next set of leaders who will lead this country and older generations will just have to learn how to deal with the fact that there are going to be a group of millennials who will become great spiritual leaders. I do not think anyone should shy away from serving God because of their age. Being young should not be looked as a disgrace, but a blessing because God allowed you to be born during this time period because he wants to use you for greatness if you continue to build a relationship with him.

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