Are Girls More Prone to Become Bullies Than Boys?

Bullying is a form of verbal and physical abuse that an individual can face on a daily basis by their peers and family. There could be a variety of personal issues an individual might be facing for them to become a bully. Girls are more likely to become troublemakers while they are in school because they may not be getting enough attention at home or might not have a role model in their life teaching them how to respect others. Girls who are bullies tend to try to prey on other female students they might be jealous of and try everything in their power to break a particular individual they are not too fond of.

Girls tend to make verbal threats and participate in cyberbullying than getting into a physical altercation with someone. Girls are more manipulative and sneaky than guys are because they know how to make someone feel insecure about themselves by humiliating them in front of crowd of people. In many schools across the United States, students form their own cliques, which is considered to be a group of people who share the same principles regarding life. Being in a clique can make some students feel as though they are better than others who might not be as popular as them.

Most bullies are in a clique because they always need a group of people to support their bad behavior and participate in trying to exploit an individual. Victims of bullies does not always have anything to do with an individual’s gender, economic background, race, or even if they are a good or bad student. A bully can be anybody who does not know how to deal with their personal issues in the proper manner, so they make the decision to take their anger out on people they are envious of because they really want to be like them.

Girls can be very vindictive when they do not like a particular person and will try to get others to do their dirty work by name-calling, threats, disturbing phone calls, and fights they might get in with someone they are bullying on a daily basis. Individuals who become bullies are emotionally unstable and do not know how to handle their personal issues without getting someone else involved in their drama. The education system tries to reduce bullying by creating policies that if an incident occurs due to someone being  bullied, the student who is the aggressor will be suspended from school.

There are many students who are afraid or ashamed to tell a teacher or their principal about someone bullying them because they do not want to be seen as a snitch. Girls know how to instigate drama and try to play both sides of the fence by making it seem to their teacher that they are friends with the person they are bullying. Girls know how to play the role as if they are the victim by making seem as though no one understands them. Not all girls are mean and hateful, but there are quite a few who will do all they can to gain attention by getting into fights because they want everyone to be fearful of them.

Hopefully a time will come when a bully realizes that they are leading themselves down a path of destruction and are hurting individuals who have nothing do with the issues they are facing in their life. It is ashamed that there are so many kids that are bullied on a daily basis and instead of talking to their parents about their concerns they commit suicide because they are tired of people making them feel insecure about themselves. Victims of bullies need to stand up to the people who are verbally and physically abusing them because you should not allow anyone to make you view yourself as if you have a problem. How can some kids come to school and their only mission is to be a troublemaker? It is very important that kids are taught how to be leaders and to always encourage their peers instead of trying to disrespect them.

Getting a suspension or being put in detention is not going to always stop a bully from harming others. Sometimes it takes tough love for a person to realize that there is only so much pain a person can take before they explode. Bullying someone is not the most effective way to deal with your problems because the same person you bullied, may be the same person you may need to help you with something. Everyone should always strive treat everyone will respect and dignity because you never know what you may need in the future.


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