Why Are Many Mother and Daughter Relationships Strain and Toxic?

Not all mother and daughter relationships are healthy in a way where it is possible for both parties to reconcile their differences and be able to effectively  communicate without an argument occurring. There are mothers who emotionally neglect their daughters by not being active in their lives and not being concerned about their wellbeing. Many girls look up to their mothers as their role models who will teach them how to conduct themselves when they are around others and teach them a variety of principles they need to know about life.

Over time many daughters tend to grow apart from their mothers because their might be issues that has never been addressed in the proper way and tension rises when individuals cannot come to a common ground and learn how to forgive and move from a negative situation.

It may not always be intentional that a mother/daughter relationship can become strained. Individuals learn how to accept one another’s dysfunctional behavior because they have not fully been able to find a way to deal with each other’s personalities without being judgmental. Any parent can emotionally neglect their child by being combative, controlling, and unavailable. There could be a mother who is combative towards her daughter by trying to be in competition with their child because she might feel her child is incapable of accomplishing certain things in life.

I believe it is childish and disrespectful for any parent to belittle their child by calling them out of their name and making them feel as though they are worthless.

There are mothers who will pay more attention to trying to have a relationship with a man then making sure that their children are well taken care of. Single mothers are more prone to abandoned their children because there is a disconnection within her family unit. A mother should feel it is her duty to make sure her kids is her top priority, but instead some women choose to chase after a man then being available to their children when they need someone to talk to.

Most girls will come to a phase in their life were it seems as though their mother has become their enemy because she might not understand their way of thinking. Also mothers may think their child is trying to either grow up too fast or just does not want anyone to tell her what to do with her life. Mothers might not always know what is best for their daughter s especially if they have never been a good role model for their child to begin with.

Another factor that can put a strain on a mother/daughter relationship is if the mother is unreliable and the daughter feels as though her mother is never around or just not interested in knowing what is going on in her life. There could be times where the daughter can try to start a conversation with her mother and instead of her mother engaging in conversation she is playing on her phone.

Also a mother could be isolating herself from her daughter so she will not have to talk to her. I know that a lot of parents do not always want to admit their negative behavioral patterns they show when they are parenting their children. If your child is not talking to you and you do not care, then that tells a lot about what kind of person you are. I understand that children will make mistakes, but you should not hold grudges and allow tension to keep rising every time you are in contact with your child.

A relationship with a mother and daughter is important because both individuals need to learn how to have a meaningful relationship and learn how to talk about their issues before things can get out of hand. No one is perfect, but it should not get to the point where a physical altercation can occur or not mother and daughter can go several months or years without talking to one another. There is no way that a child will agree with everything their parents teaches them, but sometimes if you have a disagreement about something your mom says it is just best to keep the comment to yourself so an argument will not start up.

I do not know why many mothers are at odds against their daughters but if you are causing your child to feel like they always have to have their guard up when they are around you then over time they will just learn how to just tolerate you and when they are able to move out of your house they might even cut communication with you completely. Parents can push kids away by wanting to control their life and there is going to be a breaking point where your child is going to get tired of you emotionally abusing them and will start to treat you in the same manner you treated them their entire life.

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