What Type of Emotional Baggage You Should Not Bring into a Relationship?

There are a set of emotional baggage that you should not bring into a relationship which includes jealousy, insecurity, depression, sadness and anger. People might not always give themselves enough time to heal from a toxic relationship and think healing means to get into another relationship. Being in a season of singleness allows you to take the time out to verify of all the things you have done wrong while you were in a relationship and what type of trauma and issues you dealt with to be with your ex.

If you have been in a relationship where your significant other has cheated on you and you constantly forgave them for being unfaithful to you over time you will start to not trust them. Every relationship will have baggage that has been brought from a past relationship that if it is not handled in the right way the relationship has the potential to become dysfunctional.

Everyone has their set of expectations they would like to be met when they are in a relationship with someone. When you are single you might have your life in order, but when it comes to your love life you tend to allow your emotions to get the best out of you and make you overanalyze situations too much. Whether you want to hear it or not if you are always jumping from one relationship to another, you cannot fully heal until you are able to be fine being by yourself first.

Many people are afraid to be single because they feel if they are single they will lose the opportunity to be in love. Bringing unnecessary drama in your relationship will not solve anything it will only influence your significant other to not feel comfortable communicating with you.

Don’t get into a relationship with someone if all you are going to do is make the person you claim to be in love with suffer because you have not fully forgiven your ex for making you feel insecure and have trust issues. There are people walking around with so much baggage because they been through so much pain and heartache they start to imitate the behavioral patterns of their exes who have disappointed them by constantly cheating, lying, or just not being able to communicate with them about their concerns.

When you go to the airport there is required amount of bags you can take on the plane and if you have more bags than the required bag amount then you have to pay extra money. In a relationship there needs to be a limited amount of emotional baggage. You cannot expect your significant other to deal with your emotional issues from your past because they were not the individuals who caused you to feel as though you need to question their love for you because you are unsure if you can fully trust them to not hurt you.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their spouse is their therapist because they have become so comfortable telling them about the trauma they have endured in their lives that they start to depend on their spouse to make them feel whole again. Another person cannot make you feel whole because no human being possesses the capability to be perfect. Some individuals make their significant other their idol that they worship. When the relationship ends they become so outraged that they start to go on a search for someone else who can temporary fulfill their needs until reality checks in and their emotional baggage puts an overload on the relationship.

There is no possible way that you can be happy all of the time and being in a relationship will have its ups and downs. Each person that is in a relationship has to be able to balance out their emotional baggage with the other person. It would be unfair if it was acceptable for one person to bring so much baggage into the relationship and the other person has to carry this dead weight around because their significant other has not been able to let go of all of their weight that is holding them back from being able to move forward and potentially have a healthy relationship with someone.

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