Does Romance Novels Encourage People to be Lustful?

Romance novels are a form of sexual temptation that involve reading chapters in a book that contains abstract images of the main characters participating in sexual activity. Many women enjoy reading romance novels because it gives them the opportunity to imagine themselves being with a man who stimulates their body, mind, and soul. Authors of the romance genre are influencing their readers to be sexual immoral by having thoughts that are centered around having sex. Within this book category there are sub-genres of romance novels which include: Young Adult, Erotic, Contemporary, Historic, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Fantasy.

The basic elements of a romance novel are for the main characters to fall in love and find a way to be together. Through reading each chapter of the book you will learn what type of love language both individuals possess and how they express their love for one another by having sex. Majority of the time you can tell by the book cover if a book will contain sexual activity and explicit language. On the front of a romance book cover you will see the main characters looking as if they are ready to have sex with one another. Romance novels are very inappropriate for anyone to read because they are promoting readers to have no standards when it comes to love.

Many authors know the impact that romance novels can have on a person’s wellbeing by making them believe that they must have sex with someone to be able to keep their relationship going. In each subgenre of romance novels ranges from PG to X-rated depending on what type of language the author wants to present to their audience. Sometimes by just looking at the cover of a book you cannot always tell if contains sexual content because the book cover can deceive people to believe it does not go in-depth about the main characters’ sexual experiences with one another.

Not all romance novels contain sexual content, but you need to be aware that just because it does not have any sexual content prevalent in the book does not mean that it is still acceptable to read. There are authors who will write a set of books that are clean and give a clear message to the audience about what they need to understand about love. Being that I considered reading books as one of my hobbies I know what type of romance sub-genres to stay away from. I enjoy reading Christian Romance and Christian Fiction because it talks about Christianity and how to build a healthy relationship with someone by keeping God first and learning how to have boundaries.

I have not always been a fan of Christian Romance and Christian Fiction and used to have an obsession with reading erotica novels. I know that reading erotica novels was not good for my wellbeing, but I allowed myself to believe that reading these types of books was not causing me any harm. Reading erotica novels are just as bad as someone watching pornographic videos all the time. Having sexual thoughts all the time can make you more prone to get into tempting situations more easily than someone who has fully control over their thoughts. Restraining yourself from reading novels about sex can be difficult especially if you are a fan of reading romance novels.

Any book in the fiction category does not always represent things that occur in real life. Although it may be exciting to read a book that is giving people insight on how to be more sexual active. Being in love with someone requires more than just having sex with them. Romance novels usually end with the main characters having a happily ever after so of like most Disney movies, but rated R. In real life, there are going to be a lot of people who are not going to always stay in a relationship with someone they have been having sex with. Fictional novels will always make people believe that certain encounters can exist in life.  In reality most of these encounters that are mentioned in romance novels do not even happen to most people.

I considered to be a book critic because I pretty much of have read every genre of book and give people who are not fond of reading a full description of a book without them feeling as though they are missing out. I do not recommend anyone to read romance novels that promote sex because it will always give readers bad advice on relationships.

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