Can You Go Out to Night Clubs and Still Be Considered a Christian?

On a Friday and Saturday night, it is very common for people to go out to a local bar or a nightclub and have a good time with their friends spending their night dancing, drinking, and socializing. There are people who proclaim themselves to be Christians and spread the message of the Gospel to individuals who might know who Jesus Christ is, however are spending their time partaking in activity that makes them looks as though they are hypocrites. Being a believer in God should motivate you to not want to participate in worldly activity that is filled with temptation.

I understand that you might get tired of being at home all the time doing nothing, but the right people with the right intentions are not sitting at a bar getting intoxicated. Most people that go to a nightclub or a bar are trying to find someone who is willing to have sex with them. Everyone in these types of establishments are not Christians and do not care about whether or not they are doing things that are against God. Being saved does not make you better than anyone else walking this Earth. If you proclaim to be a Christian, then you should not feel pressured to fall into temptation or feel discouraged because people do not understand your spiritual walk with God.

As a teenager, I never really was interested in the party scene because I felt as though the Holy Spirit was telling me I did not belong in that type of environment. When I first went off to college, I did not participate in the party scene because I was not surrounded by people who were actually going out clubbing every night. The minute I found people to hang around and enjoyed going out to parties and drinking, I thought it was nothing wrong with participating as well. Fitting in with others can lead you to do things that is not of your character and allow you to have a follower mindset.

Drinking and going out to nightclubs and has never been a big interest to me because it is not in my character to participate in that type of activity. Another problem that I have with nightclubs and bars is the dress code for women. Women will wear the most provocative pieces of clothing when they are going to a club and expect to be treated as if they are a lady. Many women are presenting themselves as if they are prostitutes, which is causing men to believe they are promiscuous.

If you dress in a manner as if you are ready to have sex, then you cannot expect anyone to treat you as if you are worthy of respect. Dressing inappropriately and dancing in an erotic way in a club will get the attention of the wrong type a man who will not treat you like a queen, but a peasant.The music that is played in nightclubs are very secular and promoting behavior that is unacceptable. Many people love the attention of the party life because they want to feel good about themselves and not feel as though they are being judged.

The nightclub scene is the devil’s playground because demonic spirits are surrounded in these types of establishments that most people can’t escape from. Going to the club every weekend is like an addiction and can become difficult for many people to break. There are some people who want to change and dedicate their life to Christ, however they want one foot in the church and the other in nightclubs. The only thing that is in a nightclub is a nightmare waiting to happen. When people are intoxicated their emotions can flare up and cause them to act and say things that are unethical. Going to a bar or nightclub and trying to live in this fantasy as if you don’t have any problems in your life will only be temporary and you will be reminded of your issues when you go back home and wake up with a hangover.

When a person has a hangover, the next day when they wake up they usually ask themselves what happened the night before. Your mind should not be that clouded that you cannot even remember what exactly you did the previous night. People who have a craving for the party scene are walking around with clouded judgement being ignorant to fact that they really are not happy with their life and trying to find any escape they can to not deal with their issues. Once the party is over what do you do then, you go home.

Don’t call yourself a Christian if you are not going to fully change your behavior, the people you hang around with, and continuing partcipate to in worldly activity. Anybody can say they are a Christian, but it does not mean you really are one. People like the title of being a Christian, but don’t really live and act like one. Always practice what you preach to others because if you are telling people to give their life to Christ and you doing the total opposite by spending your time in establishments that are filled with temptation, then it makes you look like a hypocrite. You have to either want to live for God or live for the world.

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