Is Your Biological Clock Pressuring You to Date to Find a Spouse?

There are many people who are in a season of singleness and constantly stressing themselves out on whether or not if they will ever get married or have kids one day. What is getting so many singles riled up to believe that they will never find their soulmate? Your biological clock may be ticking and making you think you are getting too old and need to take matters into your own hands by dating anyone so that you can be able to bring your potential spouse to family events or just want others to be envious of your relationship.

Desperate times cause for desperate measure which is exactly what your biological clock is doing to your emotional and mental wellbeing. It is never a good idea to jump into a relationship because you are lonely and tired of being single. You will never find happiness through another person. Happiness comes from within and God is the only one who can make you have peace and joy in your life. The clock may be ticking, but it does not mean that it is your time to be in a relationship just yet.

Everyone is not destined to find their soulmate in high school or college. Every individual is not going to get married in their 20’s and start a family. What is so significant about getting married? Marriage is so more than obtaining an expensive piece of jewelry and showing off this ring to your girlfriends. Women tend to stress out more than men do about being in a relationship and questioning if they will ever be married or have kids one day.

So what if you think you are getting too old and might not ever get the chance to carry a child. There are women living in this society who have given birth to a child in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. You might be the only single person within your group of friends, but that does not mean you are lacking because you are not married. Looking at other people’s lives and being envious of what they have is the wrong thing to do. Being envious of what any man or woman has is not worth you spending time wallowing in your fears because you are judging situations without even knowing if a relationship is actually genuine.

I’m 21 years old and get pressured on a regular basis to date guys, but I choose to not do what everyone else does because I know God has a plan for my life. It’s okay to be different and just because you have been single for several amount of years does not mean there is something wrong with you. Getting pressured by your family members and friends can make feel even worse and push you to go out and find anyone willing to be with you just so you can get your loved ones off your back.

It’s so easy in this day and age to jump in a meaningless relationship because there are so many people who have given up on waiting on God to write their love story that they have truly lost hope. Seeing two people holding hands and kissing does not mean their relationship is equally yoked. Each year you will get older and are you going to spend your days on this Earth worrying yourself on what you think you are supposed to have when you turn a specific age. Abraham and Sarah tried for several years to bear a child and thought God was forsaking them. Sarah was pregnant with Isaac when she was 90 years old.  It is amazing what God can do for you if you continue to have faith and don’t allow your fears to make you think you will never be rewarded in life. When you are desperate, you make irrational decisions and don’t really think about your choices until maybe the situation is over with. Don’t allow yourself to have clouded judgement all because you are tired of being single.

If you have a problem being single and feel lonely, you will feel the same way in marriage if you continue to have this mindset. A marriage only intensifies a situation and the personality you are presenting before the ring; you will present after the ring. Why waste your time being jealous of someone’s else relationship? There are many relationships that has a foundation made out of sand, which means it will not last.

Everyone has a biological clock reminding them every day on what they should do with their life. One bad decision can cause you to lose the blessings God has planned for you to have in life. Wait for God to tell you what you need to have in your life and not jump into a relationship because you are tired of being patient. The biological clock is trying to throw you off and make you believe you are late when in actuality you are right on time for whatever is about to happen within your life.



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