Should Students Be Allowed to Pray While They Are in School?

There has been a big controversy for many years between the education system and the government trying to figure out if it is acceptable to allow students to pray while they are in school. Many parents have made complaints about how religion should be excluded from schools because there might be children who come from homes where their religious beliefs may differ from their peers.

I believe at times the government system can create laws trying to exclude religion from daily aspects of life. However, references about Christianity are made in the Pledge of Allegiance and various articles in the U.S Constitution. The public school system does not allow students the chance to express their religious beliefs because it may come off as being disrespectful to someone else who may not share their same standards regarding religion . If praying in schools is not going to be allowed, then why do school officials allow student athletes to pray before they compete in a game.

If school officials are going to be strict about not allowing students to express their religious beliefs, than certain subjects in schools should not be taught. I do not see a problem with students praying in school because it is not causing any ruckus to form or initiating any fights to occur during school hours. I understand that the education system wants to make sure that students’ safety is intact, but it is a little extreme to tell someone they cannot express themselves by practicing their religion.

At times it seems as though the American government wants to dictate citizen’s belief pattern and decide what customs and morals they should practice on a day-to-day basis. Everyone living in this country does not believe in Christianity. What makes America so diverse than any other country is that citizens have the right to do things they might not be able to if they were living in another country.

I believe if religion was taught more in school, students would have a better understanding of various cultures and not be so quick to judge one of their peers who does not believe in the same things they do. Parents need to be open-minded to the fact that students will be taught subjects in school they might not approve of. What harm is praying actually causing someone. The same people who have a problem with students praying in school would be upset if someone told them they felt uncomfortable when they express their religious beliefs.

The point of the matter is that the education system cannot really force students to stop expressing their religion. No matter how many policies are made regarding religion, people will not change their lifestyle to fit the description on what the government wants. If America was founded on individuals seeking freedom, why is it such an issue for different groups of people to practice their religious customs. As long as people are not using their religion to cause problems, I see no point in not allowing students to pray.

There could be times where a student could be sitting in their classroom and could be praying and their teacher not even knowing. You don’t always have to physically bow down on the floor to pray. The public school system has an issue with a student praying, but there are many schools they cannot even afford books or have low test scores. School officials need to put their focus on other areas that need to be fixed within their school. Religion should not be the main issue the education system should be concerned about.

Kids attend school to learn and gain more knowledge on various subjects. Kids should not have to feel as though their teachers and peers are judging them based off their religious beliefs. I believe people have a problem with things that they really do not understand. A child that expresses his/her religious beliefs should be shown the utmost respect and not be ridiculed for being different.

No matter if you are a Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or Jewish every American citizen has the right to express themselves through freedom of speech. The education system is putting too much emphasis on what are children’s spiritual beliefs when they need to try to make sure that students are actually learning and being prepared to one day have a career.

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