What Should You Do If Your Parents Are Not Supportive of Your Career Goals or What You Choose to Do with Your Life?

There are millions of children across the globe who have parents that are not supportive of their dreams and try to force them into living a life that they believe will be more suited for them. Parents should allow their children the opportunity to make decisions on what they would like to do with their life. Unfortunately, every child does not come from a home where their dreams are important and their parents taking the time out to help their child succeed in endeavors they would like to pursue. So much pressure is placed on children from a very early age and parents can plan their children’s entire life without even asking them how they feel.

It can be so exciting to figure out what you want to do with your life and the people you would think would be supportive of your dreams actually think you are incapable of accomplishing certain goals you have set for yourself to achieve. I’m sure it can be very devastating to have parents who try to control what you want to do with your life. How can you even have a healthy relationship with your parents if they cannot even allow you to be an adult and be able to make decisions for yourself?

I know that many parents want the best for their children, but sometimes it can come off as being demanding and controlling. No child wants to feel as though they have to give up their dreams just so that they can make their parents happy. Some parents will even go to the extreme and cut ties with their children if they choose to not follow in their footsteps. It is ashamed that there are many children who are abandoned by their families because they chose to live their life in a way that is not pleasing to their parents.

I think some parents forget that at one point in their life they might have felt the same way their children are feeling when their parents were not understanding their choice on want to pursue certain things in life. It can be hard for children to come off of this pedestal their parents have placed them on. I’m sure that parents want to leave behind a legacy to their children to take over one day, but maybe it is not meant for a child to accomplish the same goals as their parents.

Parents have to be more understanding and not be so quick to state their opinions about their child’s life. Parents can push their children to be rebellious when they try to push them to do things they might not want to do. There is a story in the bible that can help parents and children have more clarity on how they should treat one another.

The story of the Prodigal Son is found in Luke 15:11-32 is about a young man who was living a life of sin and left his father’s home because he felt as though what his father wanted for his life was not what he was ready for at the time. The young man realizes during his time away from home that his father was only trying to help him, but he allowed his anger to get the best of him. The young man returns home and believe his father will not accept him back into his home. The young man is surprised that when his father sees him he rushes to him and hugs his son.

At times it may seem as though our parents don’t try to understand our perspective on life, which is not the cause all of the times. Children will never fully understand the sacrifices their parents had to make to make sure they end up being successful in life. If you feel as though your parents are not respecting your way of life a conversation needs to be had so that you can be able to get your concerns out on the table. Even if the conversation turns for the worst you know where you stand with your parents. Your loved ones may think they know what is best for your life, but it is up to the individual to determine what is best.

It is not right that people will go years and years without having a relationship with their parents over an issue that should have been resolved the moment the disagreement occurred. Your parents cannot tell you how you should live your life, you make that decision for yourself. The only thing that you can do is pray that one day your parents will have a change of heart and realize their mistakes. No matter if you don’t have anyone supporting you, keep pushing through to follow your dreams. Don’t allow anyone to tell you make you feel incapable of being successful in life.


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