Is Society Pushing Women to Be Promiscuous?


In our society today, it has become acceptable for women to portray themselves as sexual objects that allows many men to treat them as if they are walking billboards promoting sex. Many women have come to terms with the fact in their minds there is nothing wrong with being promiscuous. I feel as though society is teaching young women that the only way they can get ahead in life is if they are presenting themselves as prostitutes.

Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and other celebrities who are in the entertainment industry make a profit off of being sex symbols are motivating women of all ages to let their hair down and express their sexuality in a vulgar manner by dressing provocatively. It is common for most female celebrities to dress provocatively because their purpose is to entice more people to buy their music or see their upcoming movie coming out in theaters. Working-class women are going out to clubs and bars trying to get the attention of men that might have no intentions on bringing them home to meet their mother one day.

From time to time I get on social media to keep up with the latest news that is occurring in the world and I am seeing a lot of women exploit themselves by taking pictures as if they are video vixens. More and more women are getting brainwashed to believe they have to sexually exploit themselves to get the attention from a certain guy they might be attracted to.

The reason why so many women are seeing nothing wrong with their promiscuous behavior is that they do not have the right people in their life encouraging them to act in a better way. We all as human beings need accountability partners who will tell us the truth about ourselves and even when we may think they are coming off as being too harsh or judgmental. For the time being there might be a group of women who have friends who act the same way as they do, which can be even more difficult for these ladies to see the negative aspects of their behavior.

Each human being has a conscious telling them right from wrong and although there are individuals who grew up in homes where their parents instilled in their child to condone themselves with a matter of respect in dignity. The child still can grow up and not live up to the principles they were taught as a child. I grew up in a home where my mother was the authoritative parent and my father was the passive parent.

It would be difficult at times for me to not get into mischief because I had one parent who would definitely punish me if I acted out of character and the other parent would allow me to get away with doing certain things. In most people’s eyes I was a good kid and barely got into trouble at school and was not focus on getting the attention of guys. My entire mindset changed when I went off to college and I wanted to fit in with everyone else, which meant party, drink, and do whatever everyone else thought was cool to do.

I did not care about my reputation because I felt it was time for me to experience what I thought was the college experience. The first guy they showed me a little attention, I immediately jumped into a relationship with him and was acting out of character during the duration of this relationship. I was drinking and being sexually active with a guy who was not my husband. I even changed my wardrobe because I thought the more skin I showed my boyfriend at the time would appreciate my body. I really had allowed myself to change into another person. I had become promiscuous because I thought since I was off at college no one could tell me what to do anymore. You can’t live your life basing everything off of what you see someone else doing on social media or on a television program. Celebrities are praised for the work of art they portray to society, but if a regular person was to do the same exact thing, you probably would be talked about severely.

You have to be careful with the type of image you want people to conceive about you because once your reputation is formed there is no trying to convince anyone you have changed your ways. People will not allow you to move on from your mistakes and keep bringing up moments in your life that you do not want to talk about with anyone. Be careful who you surround yourselves around because if your friends are not willing to tell you the truth if you are acting out of character they are not really your friends.

After a while the whole wanting to get attention from everyone gets old and people will not care about what you are doing with your life. There are many people in this world who love to criticize other people as if they do not have any skeletons in their closet. I feel as though if women would empower each other more ,than many women would not have to feel as though they have to seek attention from a man to tell them they are beautiful because they will already know that they self-worth cannot be measured by man, but by God himself.

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  1. The most beautiful women have smiles powered n by inner beauty that lights up a room.

    Ugly women look pretty awesome on the outside but inside they are black holes that suck the happiness out of others.

    The ultimate example of feminine beauty and modesty modern day Christian women should follow are the Amish.

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