Are Horror Movies Causing People To Live in Fear?

There is one genre of movies that I can never make myself comfortable enough to consider watching, which is horror films. I can remember as a little girl watching various horror films and having nightmares for several weeks because I could not get the idea of something bad happening to me out of my mind. Seeing commercials of horror films shown on television programs makes me believe that society wants people to live in fear.

I started watching scary movies when I was a child and I believe it really gave me a false sense of reality because I always thought there was actually a monster living under my bed. I could not go to sleep without having a night-light on because it made me feel safe and comfortable to close my eyes in the dark. Now as an adult, I am still not a fan of scary movies because I feel it makes me feel like I am going to hyperventilate because I am allowing myself to watch something that has grown into a phobia.

There are people who get a thrill out of watching horror films, but in my opinion I cannot allow the devil to wreak havoc in my life. The purpose of horror films is to make film-watchers afraid to do certain things in life and become either depressed or have anxiety. I cannot allow myself to sit through a movie where violence is occurring because I see no excitement in seeing someone’s head getting chopped off or blood everywhere.

The movie industry makes millions of dollars each year with scary movies. Most scary movies use the same story plot and there are thousands of movies in this genre that are literally a replica of another movie. I remember when the first Paranormal Activity movie came out in theaters and my friends were excited about going to see it. I was watching the preview online and really did not see all the hype that this movie was getting.

Any television program dealing with demonic spirits I will not allow myself to watch because I do not believe in watching a show that glorifies wickedness. I am a firm believer in whatever you choose to watch on television will cause you to live your life being confident or being too afraid to face your fears. Most horror movies are rated R and are filled with graphic scenes and explicit language. I am not a fan of watching these types of movies because it can give people the idea of wanting to try committing a violent act on someone.

I do not even see how my parents even allowed me to watch scary movies when I was a child because I was not mature enough at the time to understand that it was not real. Living in a fear is a phobia that many people suffer with on a daily basis. It is important to always keep your mind fueled with positivity so your mind won’t easily wonder to having negative thoughts. Every time I have sat and watched a scary movie, I have suffered with having nightmares or just being fearful. I believe the devil plays tricks with our mind to make human beings believe there are not strong enough to eliminate their fears they’re struggling to overcome in their life.

The amount of praise and recognition that horror films receive is downright insane to me. People would rather spend their money watching a movie that promotes violence and wickedness than seeing a movie about how to overcome adversity and being confident with their walk with God. The standards that society influences mankind to follow is teaching people to always be fearful when God has already has made a promise to protect us from the wickedness of this world. I no longer have a phobia of horror films because God has made me confident and assured me that what the devil tries to destroy, he will rebuild. Movie critics may not understand my standpoint regarding horror movies, but my spirituality is connected to every aspect of life.

I cannot allow myself to partake in activity that is against my morals and faith in God. Horror films are a form of witchcraft that manipulates people to be paranoid all of the time. There are some people who can watch horror films all day and not get tired of it. Horror films can affect an individual’s overall health by individuals having the potential to suffer from a heart attack or have a psychological disorder. Also, horror films can affect a person’s emotional state by always feeling as though something bad is going to happen to them.

Sometimes we can lure demonic spirits into our lives and not even realize the devastating effects it can have on our wellbeing. Movies may be a form of entertainment that allows us to expand our imagination. However, if you are constantly watching movies that promote violence, then you will start to view life as if you are cursed or bad things are bound to happen to you.


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