Should You Continue to Follow People On Social Media You Have Dated or Been in a Relationship with?

When you are romantically involved with someone it is common for individuals to follow the person they are dating on various social media networks. Social media allows people to see a person in a different light that they might not see when they are having a conversation with them. Social media is the place where either a person can be seen as someone who is thirsty for attention or use their platform to educate people on a particular topic.

Once a relationship has ended, most people will continue to follow their exes on social media and the question is why? Why would you continue to try to keep tabs on an ex that you are no longer in a relationship with. I can remember at time in my life where I thought following your ex was a way for me to figure what they were doing when they were not around me.

If you spend time trying to cyberstalk your ex, then you can never fully move on from the relationship. I do not recommend anyone to follow someone they had romantic feelings for. Following your ex on social media can cloud your judgement and make you want to try to get back into a relationship with them. There are people who do not deserve to be in your life anymore and an ex is someone you shouldn’t care what they are doing with their life.

How would you feel if you saw your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, hugging or kissing someone else on social media? You would be very devastated if you saw your ex with someone because you have not fully allowed yourself to move on from this person. There are people who literally will get on social media to see what their ex is doing.

You need to get comfortable using the block button because it will definitely help you not see a person who has hurt you anymore. One of the first things I did when I went through a breakup, was block my ex on all social media networks and deleted his number out of my phone. You have no reason to want to know what your ex has been doing with his/her life. I have no hard feelings towards my exes, but at the same time I don’t care what they are doing with their lives.

There have been instances, where my exes tried to get in contact with me on social media, but I completely ignored them. It would not be fair for me to want to believe that I can be friends with my ex because that is something that I cannot allow myself to do. I know that I am a queen worthy of being loved by a man who will see my worth and appreciate me for not doing what everyone else does to be entertained.

After experiencing a breakup, I went through a season where I felt convicted to not get on social media at all and learn how to cope without getting on certain social media networks all the time. People really need to be careful when they are going through a breakup because some individuals become very vulnerable and can be easily influenced to get back into a relationship with the person they broke up with.

On social media people will glorify someone who takes a picture with their significant other and call it relationship goals. I do not put too much emphasis on relationships I see on social media because you never know what people are experiencing behind closed doors.If a person you thought loved you, but in the next instance lied, cheated, or betrayed you why would you still want to follow this person on social media. I think sometimes we put a Band-Aid over our feelings and make ourselves and others believe we are okay. Sometimes for you to fully heal, you have to remove the Band-Aid and let the wound heal on its own.

You need to eliminate the desire to want to still be in contact with your ex. There will be times in your life where you will feel alone and need someone to comfort you. The person you should not look to comfort you is any of your exes. Your ex was removed from your life for a reason because they were not able to love the way that is pleasing to God. If you are still following your exes on social media, make the step in blocking or unfriend them on social media networks. The sooner you realize that you do not need to keep tabs on your ex anymore, the better you will feel because over time you will realize that your ex still had power over your emotions.







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