How Not Fully Moving on from a Past Relationship Allows You to Become Bitter and Have Trust Issues

Dealing with a breakup can change an individual’s perspective on relationships either in a positive or negative way. There are many people who can move forward with their life and potentially be in a healthy relationship with someone new because they are still stuck living in the past. I understand it can be hard to get past the hurt and pain that your ex may have caused you, but are you going to allow someone who is not even in your life anymore to have power over you.

When people cannot get over their ex by starting to have resentment and becoming angry when someone mentions their ex, this is an example of a person who has allowed themselves to be in a soul-tie. You can create a soul-tie with someone by having sex with them or just being emotionally-attached to them. It is not fair that if you are in a relationship with someone else for you to punish them because your ex could not be faithful.

Why do some individuals even entertain the idea of dating or getting into a relationship if you are not fully over your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? I know from a personal experience how it feels to be in a relationship with someone who does not trust you and believes you will disrespect them like someone from their past has. A breakup can turn many people into monsters because some individuals will start to act nonchalant and believe they can live their life always seeking revenge.

Time will go by swiftly and it is ridiculous to still be dwelling on a relationship that occurred years ago. When you spend so much time being angry at someone from your past, you are distracting yourself from being able to focus in the present. There could be someone in your life that wants to be with you, but you are too busy worry about what your ex is doing.

Let’s just be honest a breakup happens because there was a disconnection in the relationship you had with your significant other and instead of the person changing for the better, they thought you were going to continue to entertain their foolishness. Why would you even care what any of your exes are doing with their lives. I’m sure your exes have moved on with their lives and not even thinking about you.

Social media gives some people the opportunity to keep tabs on people you have no business keeping tabs on. If you are not in a relationship with a particular person anymore, there is no reason why you should still feel as if this person owes you an explanation. You have to forgive a person who has hurt you because if you don’t you can become bitter and take your anger out on people who actually care about you.

If you are in a relationship with someone new, do you think it is right for you to automatically assume they will treat you the same way your ex did. There is no way a relationship can survive if there is no trust. Maybe instead of trying to get into another relationship, you should allow your heart to heal by being single. I am not saying if you jump into relationship after a breakup that your new relationship will fail. However, most people will consider this person to be the rebound, which means you need to be careful of not comparing your new boyfriend or girlfriend to your ex.

In other circumstances, maybe you were the ex that was being unfaithful to your significant other or did not value their time and appreciate the sacrifices that your ex made to be with you. You do not know how much you miss something until it is gone, but if you did not appreciate the gift that you had beforehand maybe you did not deserve to have it.

Who wants to be with someone who is going to constantly question their loyalty or faithfulness to them. Don’t allow a past relationship to make you become bitter and insecure. You will never experience real love if you cannot forgive your ex for hurting you. There is a reason why some relationships do not work out and maybe it was a blessing in disguise that this person is not in your life anymore so you can learn how to not be so dependent on someone else and learn how to be comfortable being yourself.

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