Love at First Sight, Is it a Myth or Fact?

Millions of people believed in theory of love at first sight, which the ideology of falling in love the first time you meet a person. William Shakespeare is credited for being the philosopher who introduced love at first sight theory with the story of Romeo and Juliet. I cannot say for sure if love at first sight is true because you can have chemistry with someone, but it does not mean you are meant to be with this particular person.

Chemistry can be built with anyone, but you have to have a strong connection with someone to be able to decipher if you are compatible with them. I believe God has granted us the discernment to know if a person has the capability to love us in the way that is pleasing to God or if they are just playing games. With the creation of mankind, Adam recognize Eve as his soulmate because God gave him the clarity to see that man can survive without a woman being by his side.

Love is a powerful emotion that many people take for granted by not truly understanding that being attracted to someone does not correlate to being in love. On initial contact when you meet someone for the first time, you may feel this attraction to them that allows to want to know the person more, but it does not mean you are destined to fall madly in love with this person.

There are plenty of individuals who may see their future spouse on a regular basis and are not even aware that they are destined to be together one day. Love will awaken when God feels that two people are spiritually mature enough to handle being in a serious relationship. Every love story does not begin in the same manner.

I cannot say for certain if you can fall in love with a person when you first meet them, but only time will reveal if a person is truly meant to be with you. I do believe God allows individuals to know if a person is their soulmate, however the only want you can get clarity from God is if you have a relationship with him. You cannot expect to hear God’s voice if you are not spending enough time with him on a regular basis.

Initially when you first meet a person, you may feel attractive towards them or may not even like them because how their personality is. I’m sure there are couples who can identify their pet peeves their spouse does that gets on their nerves. It does not matter how in love you are with a person, there is no way you can like everything about them because no one is perfect.

I remember when I was in high school, my English teacher assigned for my classmates and I to read Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and watch the video. The story of Romeo and Juliet, in my opinion, is not an example to show individuals what love is because both individuals mistaken infatuation with love. Being that Romeo and Juliet were teenagers it is very common for young individuals to not have enough knowledge on what love really is.

When I was a teenager, I had a few share of guys that I was infatuated with and allowed myself to become vulnerable to a person that I was physically attracted instead of allowing God to show me that love so much more than having chemistry with someone. I have never actually been in love before because I was not aware what real love was and did not spend enough time with God to understand how a man should love a woman. There are many people who are in relationships with people who they are physically attracted to and that is really only thing that has kept them in the relationship because of lust.

Lust is a very strong sexual emotion that has to be controlled or it will allow you to get in sticky situations that may be difficult for you to get out of. I am a firm believer in asking God for guidance because on more than one occasion you may see a person who looks good, but the grass may not always greener or the other side.

You cannot judge a person based of their looks because a person’s physical appearance does not always show their personality. You can meet a complete stranger one day and be attracted to this person, but does not mean you should jump into a relationship with this person because you are allowing your emotions to get the best of you.


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