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How I’m 30, I’m Single and I Don’t Care Changed My Perspective on Being Single

Recently, I purchased a book on Amazon called I’m 30, I’m Single, and I Don’t Care by Juliette Bush. I enjoy reading novels about how to be content with being single and how to grow closer to God. In the American culture, when a woman turns a certain age it is common for her family and friends to start ambushing her with questions regarding her love life. When a woman reaches her 20’s, in society’s standpoint, she should be married and have children. If a woman reaches her 30’s and still is single, she can be viewed as being too picky or having standards that no man will be able to reach.

Reading I’m 30, I’m Single, and I Don’t Care gave me clarity that marriage is calling and that every single woman may not be destined to be married. The Apostle Paul even mentions that God favors singles than married couples because singles have the chance to build a more meaningful relationship with him than most married couples can. When you a woman becomes a wife, she will spend her time taking care of the home and working together with her husband to make their marriage strong. Ms. Bush has been single for several years and explains that being single is a calling just like marriage.

Some women feel as though being single hinders them from accomplishing their life-goals. Ms. Bush states that women should not wait to be in a relationship with a man before considering to accomplish their goals in life. Most people feel as though being single is boring and depressing, but it really does not have to be that way if you allow God to enter into your heart and change your mindset.

Marriage should not be the pillar that signifies that a woman has reached womanhood. You do not have to be a married woman be spiritually mature. I feel as though marriage is viewed in the wrong perspective because marriage does not mean you live happily-ever-after, but in reality. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be married one day, but you already have to view yourself as a wife before your husband-to-be comes into your life.

What I loved most about reading this book was that it does not matter how old you are many single women have realized that their fleshy desires are causing them to be distracted from what God has called them to do. What I love most about being single is that I am learning how to communicate with God more on a daily basis and allowing him to use me to help make a difference in someone’s else’s life.

Juliette Bush explains that being a successful single is about fulfilling your God-given purpose and being content with the season that you are in that this very moment. You have to be accepting to the fact that you may not get married and are you going to allow your fleshy desires to stop you from glorifying God. Whether you are destined to be single or married, your job as a Christian is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses. I do not think it is worth losing your sanity to be in a relationship that is not God-oriented and will eventually end in matter of months.

Being single is a process that an individual will either accept the fact that God has allowed them to learn from their past mistakes or the individual can continue their flesh to take control over their life. I am so glad that more Christian women who are single are creating a platform to encourage women who might be struggling in their season of singleness and give them insight on how to grow a relationship with God.

I recommend all single women to read I’m 30, I’m Single, and I Don’t Care because there is always someone who has gone through the same circumstances as us and can help us realize that you are not perfect and you are going to make mistakes at times. Being Christian sets you apart from everyone else because you should be able to stand firm in your faith in God and have the discernment to not put yourself in complicated situations. Whether you are single for a year or a lifetime it is important to keep God at the center of life and to grow to love yourself and work towards fulfilling your God-given purpose in life.

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