Are Your Spiritual Beliefs Causing You to Lose Friendships?

When I was a teenager, I felt as though I was set apart from other kids my age because I did not see the need to party, drink, or hang around individuals who considered themselves to be popular at my high school. I have never had a problem making friends, the issue was I could not understand how to keep friends consistent in my life. I have had my fair share of bad friendships, but as I have gotten older, I have come to the realization why some friendships never worked out in the first place because my spiritual beliefs were not aligned with theirs.

In the past, I had put in the effort to be around individuals who were partaking in activity that I felt was very inappropriate and out of my element. Many people feel that if you are a Christian, you display this persona of being better than everyone else, which is not true at all. It used to hurt my feelings when I was younger because I tried everything to keep friendships going with certain people, but the relationship would always just last for only a short period of time.

As I am growing with my spiritual relationship with God, I finally grasp the concept of why I have not been able to keep a friendship for a long period of time. There are individuals who have come into my life and were only meant to be in a chapter of my life for a season. God will place people into our lives to teach us more about ourselves and how we should not worry about if we do not have any friends. Maybe God wants you to put all your focus on him.

Some friendships are just too toxic and there are individuals who are surrounded by negativity energy. Being around people who gossip all the time, get into altercations with others, always try to involve you in their relationship drama, and always try to pressure you to do things out of your character; are examples of what type of people you should consider to be friends with.

Being that I am a Christian it is important for me to surround myself with others who believe in God and take the time out to motivate me even more to grow closer to God. I do not want to be around people who do not share the same faith as I do because their way of life can easily be pushed on to me. Everyone should hold themselves accountable for the actions they make.

There are friendships that do not glorify God and being around individuals who have no relationship whatsoever with God should be an indicator that maybe this person I am hanging around is not really my friend. There are some people who want to hear more about the Word of God and there is nothing wrong with educating people about having a relationship with Jesus.

I am currently in a season in my life where I have not found individuals yet who I feel share the same morals as myself and feel comfortable calling them my friend. I have even been in a small group at my church and still felt a disconnection with feeling as though I do not feel as though these particular people can be called my friends. I think building friendships is a process and takes time to decipher if you can fully trust someone and they will not judge you because of your spiritual beliefs.

It may seem like every time you try to start a friendship something always goes wrong. Maybe God is trying to lead you to the right people and you keep trying to befriend individuals who do not have the same morals and standards as you. I do believe God gives us signs for us to indicate if a person has good or bad intentions, we just tend to ignore the signs as times.

There is nothing wrong with being spiritually mature, some people will find your way of thinking strange because they do not have the capability to understand you. You may be criticized for being a Christian and it may hurt your feelings, but there has to come a point in your life where you just have to be comfortable with not having a certain amount of friends in your life.

You will not be entertained all the time and you have to be able to cope with going without at times. Your true friends will eventually come into your life, sometimes the best things in life come when we least expect it to. You shouldn’t strive to be friends with just anyone because everyone may not have the same beliefs as you.


  1. To me it just means and shows people are not open minded, for instance I am a non believer (I only believe in myself) but I have friends (from 10 years ago in high school) that are Christian and Muslim, A spiritual belief/religion is solely for yourself for your own inner peace, you don’t become spiritual just because other people are, you do it for yourself, friends or no friends, it’s also got to do in what environment you live/grew up. As for me I grew up in a very multi cultural open minded environment. I respect people for what they are and believe, I’ve traveled to many countries and seen their culture, their beliefs. it doesn’t matter what you believe, who you are, you are human first, we are all human first. Many people forget and don’t see that these days. People that don’t share your thoughts doesn’t mean they’re not friends, they just have a different view on things just like every individual has. In the end it all comes down to personality and how people deal with this. Nowadays it might be indeed harder but that is the media who put things in a bad daylight. People are brainwashed by the media, people don’t think for themselves anymore and assume that what they see in the news is true. Like I said I’ve seen many cultures, beliefs, I have friends who are Muslim, Christian, every religion is build and exists only of LOVE, that is the base and key to everything. There is a “joke” with a very hard truth in it. “A Jew a Muslim a Christian and an Atheist walk into a bar, they talk, have friendly conversations and share drinks, how can this happen you say? because they are not a**holes”. If you are open minded then it shouldn’t matter what you are, what people think, what religion they have. It’s about your character, your personality, your mindset. If they don’t stick around then it just means they are not open minded and that they can not see the heart of a person. They can not see beyond what you believe in, they can not see the person who you are because of their mindset. Traveling would do people good hihi. Greetings and have a lovely day, cheers from an open minded non believer 😉

    1. Thanks for reading my blog post. I know that I live in society where people do not share the same beliefs, which is fine. I always try to be respectful of other people’s beliefs because I do not want to be rude or judgmental. I am not ashamed of my spiritual beliefs but I am not the type of person to push my beliefs on someone else. Everyone has their own perspective on life. I do believe it is best to be open-minded. I have encountered so many people and enjoy listening to everyone’s comments about the blogs I write. Thanks for sharing your opinion on my blog.

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