Does the 50 Shades of Grey Franchise Promote Sexual Immorality ?

On February 10, 2017, the release of 50 Shades Darker will be seen by millions of viewers and I felt it was necessary for readers to realize that this movie is not actually about romance, but glorifies sexual immorality. The main character in the movie, Christian Grey has a sexual addiction and many women love his sex appeal because he is rich and quite charming. I am not a fan of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise because I believe it promotes individuals to be sexual immoral and that sex should be the center of a relationship.

I have watched 50 Shades of Grey and was very disappointed from the amount of sex scenes that was shown in the movie. I really do not consider this production be a movie, it comes off more as if it is a sex tape. I do not understand why this movie once again is causing so many people to go in a frenzy. Being that I am a Christian, I do not see the substance of what this movie has to offer to the public. The main character tends to come off as if he is suffering from sort of psychological disorder and the woman he is dating is very dependent on him.

I do not like movies that make it seem as though a relationship cannot survive if sex is not involved. I understand that this movie is derived from a series of books, however I just feel as though this movie is derogatory and promotes promiscuity. Being that the female main character starts off her relationship with Christian Grey as if she was an escort really makes me realize that society has view on women is very sexist.

Society views women as if we are sex symbols and the only thing we are capable of doing is trying to run after a man. I was a college freshman when 50 Shades of Grey first came out and was not thrilled about seeing this movie because I felt as though this was another movie encouraging sex-before-marriage. I cannot even fathom the thought of even consider watching this movie because it goes against everything that I stand for.

I realize that the media does not give this much attention to a regular romance movie, but tends to go overboard with this Christian Grey character. Every commercial on various television networks and on the internet are advertising this movie. Why can’t a clean romance movie just come out in theaters and millions of people go watch it. Movies always gives a false sense of reality of how most relationships will be.

This one of the reason why I do not like to watch romance movies because they always make a depiction on love. I do not correlate love as being always tempted to participate in sexual activity. That is not what love is all about, love is so much more than just having sex with someone. I do not care if this movie comes out around Valentine’s Day it is not a movie about what real love is all about.

How can anyone believe that if you get into a sexual relationship with someone and then get tired after a while because the person you are involved with does not want to spend any time with you and you really do not know too much about them. You cannot start a relationship off with exploring temptation and then expect the relationship to evolve into loving the person. When you keep doing things the wrong way, you are going to keep getting the same results.

Sex really does clouds people’s judgement and can make a person believe they are in love when they are really just infatuated with the person they are having sex with. There are quite of few people who do not see anything wrong with having sex-before marriage, but I do.

If you start off having a relationship with someone by having sex, it creates this soul-tie where you can start to have feelings for this person because you have shared your body and soul with this person. It is not healthy to keep giving your body to someone and you are not even sure where you stand with them.

It will take some people a couple times to hit their head before they realize the decisions they are making are not healthy and they are lowering their standards to try to keep a relationship going. Being sexual active with someone who is not your husband and wife can lead to destruction and you have to realize the only thing that you might have a common with this person you are having sex with is that you both are willing to please your body instead of trying to center your relationship towards God.

50 Shades of Grey movie franchise is not a good example of how a relationship should start off and gives people the misconception that you have to have sex with someone to keep the relationship alive. There is only a matter of time before two people realize that they really are not compatible with one another and sex is distracting them from figuring out what they need to do with their lives.

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