Being Single On Valentine’s Day

On February 14, many singles dread having to wake up on Valentine’s Day because it is remainder of how alone they are and do not have anyone special in their life. Valentine’s Day is centered around love and makes people who are single feel as though they are missing out on something because they do not have a Valentine. Men will go to the grocery store and buy flowers and chocolates for their significant other, while the women will stroll the mall trying to find the nearest Victoria’s Secret.

Every couple is going to pack out the movies to see 50 Shades Darker in a few days. Valentine’s Day is a day where a person is supposed to show their love for someone else, but all this commercialized holiday is doing getting people to spend money on gifts they should be giving their significant other on a regular basis. I do not see the importance of Valentine’s Day because it has nothing to do with God. It is basically another holiday that someone made up and that individuals give too much attention to.

Why do people wait until February 14 to show their love for someone when it should be shown on a daily basis. I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day not because I am single. Stores are filled with teddy bears, cards, and roses, but why can’t individuals show their love 365 days a year instead of waiting one day out of the year. Most people who are in a relationship love Valentine’s day because they are going to get a gift.

I am sorry to have to tell you this, but just because you are in a relationship does not guarantee that you will have the most amazing Valentine’s Day. There are people who literally do not get anything on V-Day and they are in a relationship. It really is now that it seems as though you have to buy someone something to prove that you love them. This society is so materialistic it is so pathetic.

I would rather someone treat me with respect and be honest with me, then to have someone who is constantly breaking my heart and thinks getting me gifts will fix the relationship. To all my single people, you are not missing out on anything because there are many people who want to be in your shoes, but are too coward to do it.

I remember doing this time last year, my boyfriend had broken up with me and I felt as though it was the end of the world. I knew he was trying to get out of getting me a gift for V-Day and he thought it would be best if we could just be friends. My ex did not realize he did me a huge favor because the relationship was very toxic and was centered around God. I know most people think a woman is supposed to be in a relationship, but it does not work out that way all the time.

I am not ashamed of being single because I do not have to buy anyone anything for V-Day. I am so sick of this one day out of the year type of love that some people will mistake as real love. People really need to get their priorities together and stop trying to be in competition with everyone on social media. I do not know how many boyfriends are going to buy their girlfriends those big teddy bears and those nasty chocolate hearts. Anybody that picks up any V-Day from any grocery store did not put any effort into getting you a real gift. I am so tired of seeing people are social media post pictures of their boyfriend getting them roses, teddy bear, and chocolates. Like the gift they are getting is so unique, you and millions of other girls are going to get the same gift.

Being single on Valentine’s day does not mean there is something wrong with you. I do not care about Valentine’s Day because it holds no meaning to me and will never amount nothing to a day full of lies. Valentine’s Day is nothing but a bunch of gimmicks to try to make people believe that this day should only be one day. If you truly love someone, Valentine’s Day is every single day, not just on February 14.

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