Why Singles Should Not Give Relationship Advice to Married Individuals

There is nothing wrong with being single and having married friends, but there is one thing that I do not think any single person should do, which is give relationship advice to their married friends. Everyone may not agree with my standpoint, however being single is totally different lifestyle than being married. When you get married, you have to compromise and think of your spouse and how they would feel about you making certain decisions.

Every relationship is not perfect and when you are single it can be so easy to make comments on someone else’s relationship because you are not dating anyone at the moment. Being single requires a different assignment from God that most married people will probably not get the chance to experience. A marriage needs to be dealt with in a particular way and your issues with your husband or wife may not need to be addressed to your single friends.

Individuals who are single should not have the right to tell someone who is married what decisions they should make in their marriage. When two people get married, it is no longer about themselves, but about each other and learning how to build a legacy they can pass down to their children. When you are single you don’t have to worry about anyone else and can be selfish at times. There are some individuals who are single who might be jealous of their friend’s marriage and may try to sabotage their relationship by giving them bad advice so they end up miserable and alone like them.

I have no idea why some married individuals even entertain the idea of talking about the martial issues with their single friends. The best person to communicate with about your problems is your spouse not your friends. Friends want the best for us, but they can try to persuade us to change our morals to fit theirs. Respect will go a long way in any relationship and there some things that do not need to be addressed with certain people.

It is important that individuals who are in a relationship not reveal to much of their relationship drama to their friends because they will hold grudges against your spouse. Some individuals do not know how to let their friends to vent their frustrations and allow them to realize for themselves what steps they need to take fix their marriage. As a single myself, it would be unfair for me to make comments on someone else’s marriage when I am not even married.

You have to pick and choose your battles to fight in and there will be times where it seems as though you fill left out, but you don’t have to be in a relationship to feel complete. Friends should be there to comfort you in your time of need not criticize you because they cannot understand your way of thinking.  Married individuals should also be respectful of their single friends’ decisions.

Many singles already feel like they have something to prove, but you really don’t. Being married does not make you a relationship expert because there are plenty of marriages that are dysfunctional. If you have to ask someone else for advice about a particular situation in your life, you already know the answer you just want validation from someone else. You don’t need any validation from anyone, but God. Stop talking to your friends about your relationship drama and talk to God about your concerns.

Man will always lead you down the wrong destruction, God has all the answers. As a single you need focus on yourself and not worry about someone who is married. You can be friends with someone who is married, but mindful that they are not single and cannot just jump a make decision without talking about first with their spouse.

People need to focus more so on themselves than trying to fix other individuals’ problems. When you are single you have the chance to have a better relationship with God than if you were married.

If you are single and would like to be married, think for second and ask yourself if you were married and was having problems with your spouse, would you be offended if one of your single friends was trying to give you advice on your marriage. You probably would feel that your friend was overstepping their boundaries and just need to keep their comments about your marriage to themselves.

It can be so easy to make statements when we are not experiencing certain aspects of life, but the tables can turn and we may not like our friends saying things about our relationship. The point of the matter is you can’t tell your friends everything going on in your relationship with your spouse. Some issues just don’t need to be brought up to your friends because they might want the best for you, but can come as being judgmental and overbearing.

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