How To Avoid Dating Counterfeits

Many people can get caught in the idea of dating someone that they forget to detect if the person they are interested in has any red flags alerting you need to move on from the relationship. Dating a counterfeit is basically being involved with someone who is hiding who they truly are to try manipulate you to believe that they actually care about you.

Most people will not be able to decipher a counterfeit from a genuine individual because they are being blinded by temptation and are making themselves believe that God told them this person is the “one”. The devil responds to our negative thoughts and sends individuals who may look and act like they are serious about being in a relationship, but they just want a human teddy bear. You don’t want to be anyone’s human teddy bear because it means that the person you are in a relationship can take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride by not making you a priority and degrading you any chance they get.

A person’s attitude can be loving one minute and the next minute they cannot stand the sight of you, this an example of a counterfeit. If a person is not making you a priority and clams up when mention anything about marriage, then this made a situationship instead of an actual relationship. It does not matter how many years or time you have put into a relationship, if a man is serious about making you his wife, he would have already proposed years ago.

What woman wants to be girlfriend for the rest of their life, I know I don’t. Being a girlfriend should be temporary, not permanent. A relationship should be evolving into something serious not remaining at the same phase for certain amount of years. You don’t have to wait on a man to make up his man whether or not if he wants to be committed to you. If the tables were turned, most men would have already left and moved on with their life.

Why keep making excuses for someone who has already shown you, you mean nothing to them. As the woman, you set the tone of the relationship, if you allow disrespect to occur in the beginning of the relationship, then you are allowing the man to get away with insulting you and drama will always be prevalent. I know women feel as though when they reach a certain age, they should be married and have kids.

That is not every woman’s reality and you have to eliminate this fantasy of trying to have this lifestyle that you don’t even have yet. The devil will always try to make you believe that you are running out of time or there are not enough good men in this world. Why do people worry about the negative aspects of life, instead of the positive? If you cannot love yourself when you are by yourself, then how can you appreciate someone else loving you.

Self-preservation is the key to any type of success in life. A counterfeit will tell you a bunch of lies to try to make you believe that they are in love with you. You have to recognize the schemes someone is trying to run over you with. Anyone can tell you they love you, but their actions will always show their true intentions. Some people jump into a relationship and they haven’t even given themselves enough time to learn from their past relationships and evaluate what red flags to detect when they are dating someone.

If you are used to dating a counterfeit, you will never be able to appreciate someone who is being genuine and sincere. Don’t expect it to have a good man or woman to come into your life when you are wasting time giving your attention to a person who is only using you. We can make ourselves believe a person is in love with us when the other person has not even proven themselves worthy of our attention.

You can’t entertain every attractive person that tries to walk into your life. You were not created to hop from one relationship to the next. I know it can be thrilling to want to feel loved and needed, but some people are just not worth the time and energy to pay attention to. Some relationships should have just started and ended with a hello and goodbye. A person may look like they have it altogether, but looks are very deceiving. The only way you can detect a counterfeit is to recognize the red flags the minute it comes out someone’s mouth.

Consider being in a season of singleness to decipher the mistakes you have been making when you are dating someone. You can’t expect something good to come into your life, if you keep entertaining randoms, which are people who will only be in your life for a short period of time.



  1. Very good.

    I will add that a lot of genuine guys have become rather hesitant due to false starts and wounds. If a gal finds a hesitant guy, she should be patient and most importantly PRAY that God will work things out in his life. But she should not wait forever. If the man is simply unwilling to be healed and restored by God, then a deeper relationship with him could be toxic.

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