Does Feminism Goes Against Christianity?

Recently during the weekend of the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, The Women’s March was held in various states across the United States promoting feminism. Millions of people protested for the chance that all women get the opportunity to have equal rights. Many female celebrities made speeches about how all women need to come together and empower one another. There is nothing wrong with women expressing their freedom of speech, but there are some concepts of feminism I believe goes against Christianity.

One aspect of feminism I am not in agreement with is abortions. I do not see how a woman can make the decision to kill innocent child’s life. Abortions may seem like a legitimate option for many women to stop their pregnancy so they can accomplish their goals. Children are blessings from God and the majority of women who get an abortion end up regretting they made the decision to have one in the first place. Everyone has the choice to do whatever they want to do in life, but I will not ever promote killing unborn children.

Many women feel as though they have something to prove to themselves and society, that they have the same rights as men. As believer in Jesus Christ, I see no need to be a supporter of feminism because God has already made a covenant when he created Adam and Eve that both men and women were equal. Men and women were created in God’s image and may have some difference that sets them apart, but we are equal in God’s eyes.

There is nothing wrong for fighting for what you believe in, however feminism is just a reminder that the division between men and women still continues in our society. Not every woman is designed to be a stay-at home mom, an entrepreneur, or even a leader in their community. I love to see women empowering one another, but feminism is not promoting women to take responsibility if they have a child and always try to be in competition with men.

The problem with feminism is that women feel like it is an issue to seen as feminine. If you are a woman, then you should not be ashamed of your emotional or physical attributes that you unique. Women are trying to act more and more like men by trying to take on this aggressive persona. The roles have definitely changed with women over many centuries because the moderations of technology have women to gain as much knowledge and not be dependent on a man.

Feminism promotes this independent syndrome, where most women feel as though they don’t need a man to love or take care of their wellbeing. God is in favor of women being leaders, but does not want us to exclude the idea of not wanting to be love by a man. There are many women in the bible or were married and single and fought through adversity to glorify the name of Jesus. Feminism does not promote religion whatsoever and is the very reason why I cannot support it.

I understand their aspects women go through on daily basis that most men will never understand, but I refuse to play the victim because I have to feel as though men are the enemy. Any women reading this blog I want you to know that men are not the enemy, the devil is. You don’t have to agree with laws and policies that does not allow women to do certain things, but every woman might not see a problem with what is going on. What happen to women playing the voice of reason and trying to stop conflict, but these days everyone is trying to instigate some type of radical movement.

If you want to fight for something, fight to have a stronger relationship with God and learn how to hear his voice. I’m sure there are other things you could be focusing on then protesting for a group of women who may not even be in agreement with your lifestyle. Sometimes being a Christian and trying to be knowledgeable about politics can clash at times.

I always try to stay neutral and not involve my religion in other aspects of life, but my faith is the center of who I am. Without God, I am nothing so I will not allow anyone to make me feel less than because I choose to not focus too much on politics. It is so ironic how this country was created on Christian principles, but people seem to be more in favor of living a non-religious lifestyle. This society is getting corrupt and malicious each day and I am not going to allow myself to keep caught in this chaos.

We all can believe in whatever want to believe in, but when you are promoting something that is against maternity or motherhood, I cannot support it.

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