Should You Stay In A Relationship If Your Significant Other Has Cheated On You?

A relationship should be based off both individuals being about to trust and be honest with one another regarding their feelings towards each other. In the beginning of a relationship, it may seem like a fairy-tale because you are falling in love and believe you have found your soul mate. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and there is going to be arguments and issues that you may be unable to resolve with just one conversation.

Many people have experienced being cheated on or was the person who stepped out of the relationship to seek attention they may or may not be receiving from their spouse. I do not know what possess some people to cheat. If you cheat on someone you claim to love, then you cannot be possibly faithful to God. A man or woman who is faithful to God will not even think about stepping out on their spouse. Being cheated on is not a good feeling at all and causes people to feel abandoned and betrayed by the one person they thought they could trust with their heart.

People make mistakes all the times, however if you are always cheating on your spouse, then an apology will not save the relationship. You do not have to be involved with someone who does not respect or value you. Infidelity is a hard pill to swallow and once the damage is done it can be difficult to mend the relationship back together. Some people can cheat one time and realize what they have done was wrong and never do it again. There are individuals have cheated on their spouse multiple times and don’t care about being caught.

Some people automatic reactions to cheating is that they would immediately end the relationship if their significant other was having an affair. It can be so easy to make responses like that when you have never experienced it, but it can be easier said than done. I do not think there is an excuse for why people choose to cheat. Cheating is wrong and is very hurtful. People are entitled to their own opinion and if you feel like you can stay in the relationship, then you have to be able to move past the issue at hand.

You do not have to tolerate the disrespect from anyone and if you allow your spouse to get away with cheating then they will keep running over you. It does not matter how much a person claims to love you, if all they are doing is stabbing you in the back any chance they get. You can’t keep making up excuses for your spouse’s wrongdoing. It is embarrassing and humiliating to the fact that everyone around you knows you are being cheated, but choose to be in-denial and live in this fantasyland. If you are miserable in the relationship, then you probably should consider breaking up with the person you are with.

It can be hard to get past your significant other having an affair and many people start to realize that they deserve better and don’t have to settle with someone who is not willing to change. Some people are able to forgive and move past the infidelity issues and get the help they need to not be tempted. In my opinion, being faithful is not difficult, but if you do not have a relationship with God you can never truly be faithful to anyone else. Loving someone should be unconditional, but you should not feel miserable. Lying and being deceitful is not what a relationship should consist of.

If you are unsure if you should leave someone who has cheated on you, take time out to think about everything that has occurred in the relationship. If you feel as though you cannot deal with the deceitfulness anymore, then a breakup needs to happen. Cheating should not be prevalent in a relationship and if you think this is normal behavior, then you are allowing someone to keep doing whatever they want to do without anything happening.

A relationship is based off trust and if there is no trust the relationship cannot survive. Don’t waste your time having to look through your significant other’s phone or stalk them on social media to figure if they are cheating on you. If you have to question someone’s love for you, then don’t be with them. It would be better to be single then have to deal with someone having affair after affair because you just want the title of telling others you are in a relationship.

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