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How The Wait Changed My Life

The Wait by Devon and Megan Good Franklin is a book about how people should consider being celibate and realize the only way they can discover their purpose in life is to renew their relationship with God. I grew up in a home where I was taught that going to church was essential aspect of being a Christian. I thought going to church was chore and did not enjoy waking every Sunday morning and having to sit through a two-hour sermon.

I never had a personal relationship with God until my sophomore year of college. Everything I was taught about being a Christian did not hit home for me until I got into a relationship during my freshman year of college. I was considered to be a “Good Girl” and if felt like I was living in a stigma that I really did want to be in. I decided when I went off to college that I was going to drop the “Good Girl” act and just do what everyone else was doing around me. I got into a relationship thinking that I was going to fall in love and have this happily-ever-after.

Reality always sets in and we have to realize that being a relationship is nothing like how it happens in the movies. God was not in the center of my relationship and instead of me and my then boyfriend remaining celibate, we took matters in our own hands and became sexually active. I am not ashamed of the choices that I have made in my life, but there is a reason why you should wait till marriage to have sex.

Some people may disagree with my standpoint, which is fine by me because we all have own opinions. When you become sexually active with someone and it can be difficult to see what their true intentions are towards you. Most women believe that the guy they give their virginity to will be their husband, however it does not always turn out that way. God created us to be with one person, not with multiple people.

People do not realize that when you are having sex with someone you are allowing yourself to create a soul-tie with them that can be hard to diminish if you do not seek guidance from God. Society has made it acceptable in this time period for people to not have any standards and just forget about what God wants us to do. Reading the The Wait changed my life for the better because it gave me hope that true love truly exists. The best things in life are things we had to wait on. Devon and Megan Good Franklin are individuals who came have two different backgrounds and how God changed their life and both soon found each other.

Everyone has a different definition on what being celibate is. Being celibate in my opinion is abstaining from having sex because of wanting wait on God and figuring what your purpose is in life. There can be so much baggage in a relationship and it is important to restrain from having sex with someone because sex can definitely complicate things and hard to break off a relationship if it does not work out. When you live for God and not for the world your entire mindset will change and you will start to value yourself more.

Jumping from one dead-end relationship to the next will not help you find your husband or wife-to-be. How do you even know if you are supposed to be married one day. You cannot force love to happen on your time. When God feels as though you are ready to be in a relationship, then he will send the person you are meant to be with. I do not want to be in my 30’s and 40’s to realize that misconceptions regarding love and relationships is holding me back from fulfilling my purpose in life. We all have the desire to be wanted and needed, but sometimes you have to wait for the opportunity to come your way.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out if you will get married or have kids one day. If you are destined to have all of these things it will happen on its on time. We have the power to do anything that we want to do, however our way of going back life may cause out to miss out on the gifts that God will bestow upon us if we focus on him and try to change our behavior.

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