Can You Truly Be Friends with an Ex-Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

In most breakups, two individuals end a relationship due to issues that they could not able to work through and decide to cut off communicating with one another. Some people believe they can actually be friends with their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and that their relationship will be strictly platonic. There is no way for anyone can go from being an intimate relationship and then go back to being just friends. Most people who claim they are friends with their exes are really not over the person. What legitimate reason is there to still keep in contact with someone you used to date.

It may be a little easier for a guy to be friends with one of his ex-girlfriends, but what is the reason behind why people think it is acceptable to have an ex in your life. Once a relationship is over, a person should cut off their ex and should not be trying to keep tabs on what they are doing in their life. Someone is bound to get hurt in the process of being friends with an ex, there no point around it. How can you allow yourself to still be attached to a person you were not equally yoked with in the first place?

If the relationship was so great and wonderful, why did a breakup occur. Something about the person turned you off during the relationship and you came to realization this person was not for you. No matter how much people try to justify that it is nothing wrong with being friends with someone you date, you will be upset when you discover they have moved on and jumped into another relationship.

Most guys want to keep in contact with their ex-girlfriends just so they can have an option to choose from if something does not work out with the woman they are involved with at the current time. Friends-with-benefits usually are two people who once were in a relationship with one another. Men can separate themselves from feeling any emotions, but women cannot do that. Women will get attached easily and it does not matter how many times you tell yourself you are over someone, if you can’t erase from your life, then you are not over them completely.

People usually lower their standards and get desperate for attention because they start to miss a relationship they once had with a particular person. Everyone has their own set of personality flaws, but there are some things you should not have to deal with while dating someone. Some relationships were not meant to be because you were not compatible with the person to begin with. We try to force ourselves to be infatuated with someone just so we can hop into a meaningless relationship that is bound for destruction.

If you are friends with someone then it means that it is strictly a platonic relationship and there no boundaries being crossed. When a breakup, you need to immediately block your ex from all social media networks, delete their phone number, and maybe even cut ties with people who are connected to your ex in some sort of way. You should not be going around your ex’s family members and friends because it clearly shows that you still want to be involved in your ex’s life. It does not matter how close you gotten to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s family you have to cut them off.

It is important that you cut your ex out of your life because you don’t want to be reminded of the person you once had feelings for. You should not hold grudges against an ex, you can forgive a person, but that does not mean be with them. Take responsibility for your actions and that if a relationship did not work out it was not meant for you to be with that person.

Some people will stop their entire life just to chase after their ex. It is not worth the time and energy to be worried about someone from your past. I’m sure if you were meant to be with someone, you would still be with them. Get out of the in-denial phase and realize that there is someone much better out there for you than any ex could have ever offer you. Don’t allow yourself to believe that it’s acceptable to be friends with an ex, the odds will be against and you might get your feelings again.

For you to completely heal from a breakup, you have to stop communicating with your ex right away. You have to force yourself to not keep in contact with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. It will be hard at first, but over time it will get easily and you will start to see that you deserve better than to settle for someone from your past who hurt you dearly.


  1. This speaks volumes to me! I have had a bad experience in the past with an ex who was still in contact with his ex… he cheated on me with her repeatedly but the sad thing is she was convinced he would return to her. He didn’t.
    You try to come up with excuses for the reasons they are still talking. Why she’s texting him or calling. But in the end it’s fool on you… there’s always a connection and like you say, someone who still has feelings. Someone who tries to take more. It’s not a good idea!!! And if your in a relationship where this is going on- end it now! It’s only going to end with someone getting hurt!!

    Love you style- please take a peak at my first blog (page a working progress!) would love to hear your comments!


    1. Thanks for enjoying my blog post. Keeping in contact with an ex will only end in another heartbreak. Some people cannot move on because they have not cut ties with an ex. I saw your blog I think you are a great writer and hope to read more from you in the near future.

  2. Ive enjoyed reading through your post..very interesting topics . I done a post on this very topic a few months back. Check it out when you get the chance 🙂

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