How To Cut Ties With Negative Friends

It can be very toxic and draining to be around individuals who have nothing positive to say about the choices you choose to make in your life. Every person that comes into your life is not your friend. Some people only want to be in your life to try to make you miserable and do all they can to try to use you for their own benefits. The word “friend” should not be used lightly because there are individuals who we think have good intentions for us, but really they are disloyal and dishonest. Some friendships are based off of what the other person can give them instead of being concerned about each other’s wellbeing.


A tiff-for-tat relationship is bound to have a person feeling like they are obligated to do things for individuals because other people have gone out of their way to help them. There will be times where it seems as though, the people who you have considered your friends have turned on you and what nothing to do with you. It can be devastating and hurtful to know that the people you trusted so much with your personal issues don’t want to see you succeed in life. Friendship should not be based off what someone can do for you, but how each individual can help each other grow and have a better relationship with God and others.


It can be hard to let go of people who you once considered to a friend, however you have to come to the realization and understand that some people are not loyal and are only concerned about themselves. Losing a friend can go the same way as a breakup. You cannot elevate in life if you are surrounded by negativity. Misery loves company so if you are around people who are not encouraging and motivating, then it would be best to cut ties with them.


It is important that you surround yourself with positive people because your friends are a reflection of you. If you hang around individuals who nothing but gossip and never there when you are going through a crisis, then they are not your friend. Friends come and go just like the seasons. There will be a group of people who were your friends at one point in your life and then will not be there in another point in your life. Life is about maturing and you cannot keep communicating with people who make no attempts to try to be involved in your life.


Many people love to say they have a lot of friends, but the reality is most of their so-called friends don’t really like them. It can be all fun and games when you want to go out and have a good time. Life is not all ice-cream and cake so you should not want people in your life who just want to be in your during the good times, but nowhere to be found during the bad times. Cutting ties with negative people means not interacting with them and allowing them to say whatever they want to say about your life choices.


There will be a time in your life when you may feel alone and want someone to talk to about your problems. God will always provide opportunities in your life that will help you succeed. Continue to have faith that God will send a group of friends in your life who will not be judgmental and will be there in your time of need. In 1 Corinthians 15:33 states, “Don’t fool yourselves. Bad friends will destroy you” (Contemporary English Version). Friends should help you to see the mistakes you are making, but motivate you to do better. Bad friends will only leave to fend for yourself and will talk negative about you when you are not around. A good friend will remain loyal to you no matter the circumstances and help grow closer to God. If you don’t have any friends who are inspiring you to do better, then maybe you should think about ending the friendship. You may be in a season where you may not have any friends or have anyone to talk to and you may need to evaluate what type of people you are attracting to come into your life.


If you have friends who insult you any chance they get, they are not your friends. There are plenty of people who friends with others because they want to use them and are really jealous of them. Individuals who are surrounded by negativity may not know that you don’t need a group of friends to feel important. God created you in his image and when man lets you down, he is always there to pick you back up.

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