The Type of Love All Individuals Should Inspire To Have One Day


There are many psychologists and researchers who have conducted research studies on what type of love human beings strive to have in their lives. People automatically correlate love with having an intimate connection with someone of the opposite sex. Everyone has their own definition on what they believe love is. There are different types of love that can be expressed through human beings on a regular basis. The two types of love that all human beings should have in their live is Agape love.

Agape is defined as being as being a form of love that is selfless, which correlates to the type of love that God wants man and woman who are destined to be together to have. The bible is the source is where the true definition of agape love is expressed in many scriptures. For example, in John 3:16 states that “God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son. So that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die” (Contemporary English Version).

Jesus sacrificed his own life to save all of mankind, which is considered agape love because it was selfless and unconditional. Some people think that love is all about what someone else can give them. If something is not reciprocated back and you get upset, then you are not truly in love. Love does not require you to do acts that will gain you praise or recognition from others. A man that claims to love a woman should love the same way God loves the church.

Human beings were not designed to be in several intimate relationships with others. The worldly beliefs and the standards of God always clashes because people try want to have one foot in wanting to live right, but have the other foot in what the world wants them to do. Love is a very strong emotion that cannot played with. Many people end up being heartbroken and fearful of falling in love because of their past mistakes.

If you truly love someone, you will accept their flaws and live up to the standards Christ has instructed all believers to abide by. There are many people who claim that real love does not exist and there are no good women or men in this world. That is a lie orchestrated by the devil himself. You cannot base what you think love is by looking at other people’s relationship status.

I believe love takes patience and you cannot force yourself to fall in love with someone. Many people have a problem with waiting on love and that time is running out and they are going to miss out having a good man or woman. God wants us to understand that love lasts for an entire lifetime and that you should think about if you are truly ready to have love in your life.

Human beings can be pretty selfish at times and think we know what is best for our lives. You or no one else can ever understand what exactly you need in your life. We can plan out our life for the next 10 years, but that does not mean anything on that list will occur. I could remember watching this video on YouTube and this girl had the audacity to say that no one is following the Bible anymore. The young lady was talking about how the Christian way of dating was played out and is no working this day and age. For this young woman to even part her mouth and say something outrageous just how immature and ill-fitted some people are to receive love. Jumping from one relationship to the next is not healthy and will end in heartbreak.

No matter if your helpmate because today or in the next five years you cannot think that you can just date someone until the right person comes into your life. How would you feel if your helpmeet was frustrated with waiting on you to arrive in his/her life and they just decided to force themselves into a meaningless relationship? Some people want their cake and ice-cream, but scream when things are not going their way.

There are many examples of agape love in the Bible and how many of these people struggled, but somehow realized the things they were doing were not of God and changed their ways. Everyone is going to make mistakes in life, however it does not give you the green light to do whatever you want.

I see all the time on social media on how some people are getting married and they are still single. You cannot compare your life to someone else’s. Love does not have an accurate date or time and cannot be rushed. Agape is a divine form of love that God recommends for all believers to have. Maybe you will experience agape love one day, but you have to have a closer relationship with God and stop following the ways of the world to understand what true love really is.


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