Daily Devotional

When It Seems As Though the Odds Are Against You, God Still Blesses You

“Everybody here will see that the Lord doesn’t need swords or spears to save his people. The Lord will always wins his battles, and he will us help us defeat you” (1 Samuel 17, Contemporary English Version).


David was a young boy and considered to be the inadequate sibling in his family. His older brothers made fun of him and did not see him as being strong and brave like they were. David was a shepherd who spent most of his free time by himself. Samuel, a prophet of the Almighty had been told by God that David would be the king of many nations. This young man had no idea the impact he would have on civilization and became one of the most respected kings in history.


David’s story is very inspiring for all people because it shows that no matter what you may think you are good enough to do, God can grant you the ability to be great in life. It may seem that your life is going the way as it should, but God can always turn your life upside down. You do not have to make a whole bunch of money to be successful in life. If you believe that God has placed you on this Earth to help others, then that is a blessing in its self.


We all are assigned different tasks by God and just because your life is not as exciting as some people does not mean God has forgotten about you. It can be so easy to doubt ourselves at times, however the devil wants you to believe that you are worthless. You were created and born during this time period for a reason, you are not a mistake. Sooner or later you may understand what your purpose is in life, but until then don’t give up when life is getting too hard.


The odds may be against you for right now. Life is about helping others and sharing the word of God. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel you are worthless. God created us all for a reason. Blessings usually come when you least expect it to.

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