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Procrastination: The Struggle Of Trying To Get Things Done On Time


Procrastination can be a challenge at times to overcome because there might be a heavy load of things we have to complete at particular time frame. It is a constant battle to try to prioritize your life, but still somehow continue to do finish tasks at the very last minute. There are a million and one things to think about during the day and we do not have the capacity to remember everything.

I literally have tried making remainders in my phone, having a planner, and even writing posted notes, however nothing seems to work for me. I’m basically considered to be a workaholic because I am a college student, have a job, a blogger, and then a tutor.  I love keeping myself busy through the day because it keeps my mind from getting distracted so easily. Procrastination is considered be a negative trait to have because you are having mental battle with yourself putting important things off and stressing yourself out.

I am not the type of procrastinator who arrives to work late or school because I am all about punctuality. If you tell someone you are going to be at a location 8:00am, but you do not get their till 9:30am that is very rude and inconsiderate. At times we may even try to procrastinate and somehow it just happens on its own accord. There are many people who are procrastinators, but do have the courage to admit it to themselves that they forget things at times and wait to very last minute to complete tasks assigned to them.

There is no such thing as perfection, but God. We all are going to fall short in getting certain things done. If you can admit to yourself that you are going to mess up at times, then there’s no need to constantly put yourself on a pedestal that you may never reach. It could be a list of 50 things I would like to do in this year alone, but it does not mean I’m going to do it. Make sure to set goals for yourself that you know you will be able to achieve.

Some people may try to glamorize their life and make it seems as if there are no mishaps occurring in their life. Each and every human struggles in some are in their life, they just might not show it as much as others do. For example, Terry is a college sophomore majoring in English and has 2 papers to write in our Literature and History classes. She also has to go to work three times out of the week. Terry knows that she is liable to forget to turn in her assignments on time for her classes, so she decided set an alarm on her phone reminding of things she has to do during the week.

You cannot make a habit of always doing things at the very last minute because it makes you lazy and you are not motivating yourself enough to even try to take the initiative to do better. From having a job, to going to school, or even running your business you have to make time out for what you want to accomplish each day. There is no way you can get everything done in one day. How do you think big corporations are able to run each and every day because make have set of strategies that all their employees have to follow to get things done.

There are some things I wish I did not have to do, but I do it because I do not want to get so caught up and thinking I do not have to work hard to accomplish my goals. I try to minimize time through getting important tasks done first before deciding to take time out to relax. Procrastination does not define who you are it is just delaying certain activities to achieve. It becomes a ritual of always delaying to do things at times, but you can always break bad habits to get better results. Even the most successful entrepreneurs procrastinate at times. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Don’t stress yourself out all the time. Learn to prioritize your time in a better way and you will definitely accomplish more in life.



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