Daily Devotional

Don’t Awaken Love Before Its Time

Young women of Jerusalem promise me never to awaken love before it is ready. (Song of Songs 8:4 Contemporary English Version)

Love is a precious gift from God that allow human beings to build strong connections with friends, family, and even a significant other. We have this idea in our head when we think we are ready to experience love, but as mere mortals we do not possess the power to understand why God wants us to not awaken love before its time. There are many people in this world who have experienced heartbreak and do not give themselves enough time to heal. I understand the feeling of wanting to be with someone, but I would rather be myself than experience another dead-end relationship ever again.


I was reading Song of Songs one morning and it made me realized how God’s timing is so amazing. At times I have gotten frustrated and angry at the fact that I never truly experienced being loved. I’ve been in a relationship with a person that I was infatuated with, but never have truly loved someone deep down in my soul. I think love is so much more than getting butterflies in your stomach or being too anxious to speak.


Love is a beautiful thing and last for a lifetime. I picture love being wrapped in a box with a ribbon on top, just waiting to be opened one day. It may seem like your gift is collecting dust or time is passing by. We cannot compare our love life to others because what me may work for someone else, may not work for you. Jacob had to wait seven years before he could finally marry Rachel. Seven years is a very long time and some people may even move on to the next person. Jacob knew in his heart that Rachel was the one for him and vice versa. Love is patient and kind. Love cannot be rushed and should make people to realize if you really want to be love one day then you will wait as you can for your gift to be opened one day.


    1. Thanks for reading my post. I enjoyed creating this devotional because it seems more and more people do not know how to be patient and content with where they are in their lives.

      1. Yes I used to be one of those people. The reason I started this single sister’s in waiting is because a lot of woman don’t really understand that this season has purpose as well as marriage season.

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