Are Self-Help Books Manipulating People To Become Self-Centered?

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Many authors create self-help books to persuade readers to change their motives or attitudes about how to become successful in different areas in their life. No one is an expert on how to deal with life in an effective way. Some authors tend to have a bias view on how individuals should interact when they are involved in certain situations.

Self-help books in my opinion can lead many people in the wrong direction because everyone does not have the same life journey and what may be beneficial in one person’s life may be detrimental in another. I am all about be honest with people and many of these so called self-help books are really scams. The world will never be centered around one particular person because there are a billion people living on this earth so everyone’s life is important.

Several authors write books that have a selfish standpoint throughout each chapter discussing how people can identify what their main goals in life are. Human beings do not possess the power to know what their purpose in life is, only God has the power to give someone discernment on what path they need to go in life. It can be very motivating and encouraging to read a self-help book, however you have to understand that we all not robots. We all have own unique life story and we should not allow anyone to change who we are.

Talking to God on a daily basis has really helped me understand what my main goals in life are. I have started reading a book called “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren and it just enlightened on the dynamics of life we as human beings put so much emphasis, but they are not truly important. Rick Warren is a pastor and author of many spiritual books that help individuals to learn what their God-given talents are. Success does not calculate to how much money you make or what type of job you possess.

Success is all about being a service to someone else. We were not created to sit back and just let life take its toll on us. We are all vessels of Jesus Christ and are main purpose is to disciple, fellowship with others, worship, and service. Society will always recommend people to think only of themselves and believe there problems are more significant than anyone else’s.

The best book to get advice on is the bible because there are many individuals in scriptures who you may have similar life stories with. It is always helpful to see what is God’s take on how you should respond when going through a specific situation. Many authors only want to make money and do not care about lying to people about the reality of life. Man will always lead you in the wrong direction so people should not take others’ opinions on life as if want they are saying is golden.

How can you understand what your purpose is in life by yourself, we were not created to try to figure things out on our own. The Israelites spent 40 years in the desert because they felt their way was better than God’s way. You have to get to a point in your life where you have to decide whether or not are you going to continue to listen to what people say or what God says. Reading is a fundamental took that we all use on a daily basis, but don’t waste time reading a book full of lies and deceit when there is one true self-help book , the Bible.

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  1. The Purpose driven life by Rick Warren is just amazing. I started reading it too and it has actually taught me to look unto God and His word for my purpose, and things are beginning to make a whole lot of sense!


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