Is the Christmas Holiday Becoming Too Commercialized?

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Christmas is a time during the year where individuals come together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Over the years, society took notice to the amount of attention they could attract people to shop in stores during the holiday season. On Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving is the start of companies doing anything possible to sell gimmicks to customers to get more sales during Christmas. I really wonder if people are starting to forget the real reason for celebrating Christmas because it seems as though shopping for gifts is a more serious matter than appreciating the blessing God has bestowed upon us.

I can remember as a little girl, my parents were not too fond of the Black Friday  shopping extravaganzas  because people literally will go crazy over materialistic things that they can get on regular day, but since every thing is discounted at a really cheap price some people think they have to compete with other shoppers to get a specific item.

There are plenty of videos of Black Friday shoppers who have gone viral because they were so obsessed  with getting a certain gift that they would get into an altercation with others to make sure that person would not get the item they were trying to buy. Has our society become so consumed with materialistic things that we do not even value things that cannot even be bought with a penny?

An infant child graced this earth 2,000 plus years ago and sacrificed his life to give us a life free of sin. When I was child,  I enjoyed waking up on Christmas morning and seeing what gifts my parents bought me. Now as a young adult, I do not expect to get anything for Christmas because the gifts that I appreciate more is being able to wake up each and every morning and use my spiritual gifts to help others in different areas in their life.

I do not have time to sit and ponder whether someone will get me something for Christmas because your focus should not be receiving a gift but giving back to others who may be less fortunate. I have a passion for helping those in need and why would I be selfish to get things I already have in my possession. People can be so self-absorbed at times, it is not even funny.

Everyone does not look at the Christmas holiday the same way as I do, which is fine by me.  Christmas is time for me to make a reflection on every obstacle I faced during the year and what I would like to do differently in the new year. Some people do not even know the difference between what is the true essence of Christmas and what is fake.

I understand that parents enjoy the Santa Clause aspect of Christmas, but Santa Clause did wake you up this morning or is there in your darkest hour, it is Jesus. I literally can scroll through my TV and see more Santa Claus Christmas movies than movies about the birth of Christ.  Being a Christian in a secular society can be hard, but I know there are other believers who feel the same way as do.

People are putting so much emphasis on shopping and getting gifts that they have forgotten that the greatest gift you can receive does not have a price tag on it. I thank God everyday for the spiritual gifts he has granted me with because it has allowed me to motivate and encourage others.

There is more to life than getting gifts on Christmas day. I know it is exciting to wake up and see gifts under the tree, but every family does not have the financial means to provide gifts for their children or themselves. I do not think we as human beings intentionally try to be selfish, but sometimes it can happen. We have to realize that we are not here on this earth to be self-centered and just care about getting materialistic things.

Jesus is the reason for the season and don’t allow society to make you believe that shopping and Santa Claus is what Christmas is all about because it is not. It is always better to give than receive because Jesus gave his life for us.


  1. Convincing my kids to not be blinded by the Santa idea is very tricky, because America has propaganda for Santa. In other countries there is no Santa and one day I will travel with my kids to show them how other countries celebrate Christmas differently.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope one day more people will understand that Santa Clause is just a gimmick and not really what the true essence of Christmas is. I hope to continue to make blogs inspiring people to understand different aspect of life.

  2. Hello!

    I want to commend you for the content you are exploring on your blog. Please consider the following questions concerning the topic of Christmas:
    1. Where in scripture did anyone celebrate Christmas?
    2. Is Christmas a Holy day or a holiday?

    Test all things and be a Berean. Examine the traditions. I Thessalonians 5:21; Acts 17:10-15; Mark 7:6-8

    1. Thanks for enjoying my post about Christmas. I do believe people overtime have changed the dynamics of what Christmas stands for. Christmas has nothing to do with Santa Claus but most people don’t know the biblical aspect of Christmas.

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