The Difference Between Being Over Religious and Spiritual

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In the Christian faith, there are many individuals who I considered to be super-Christians because it seems as though they want their life to seem as if it is so perfect and they follow every commandment in the bible. The most judgmental people are in the church because most of these individuals do not want to own their flaws and accept they are not perfect. I am a  Christian, but I try to not push my beliefs on others because everyone will not agree with how they way I choose to live my life.

There are so many pastors who are so negative about how people choose to live their lives and it really is ridiculous that these so called prophets of God are not encouraging more people to accept God into their lives. There are a lot of people who were pushed away from going back to church because they received so much backlash or were ridiculed by other church members.

Church is suppose to be a place of healing, but instead many churches are turning people away from God. There are prophets who say don’t listen to secular music, have sex before marriage, and etc, but they are not applying what they are preaching to their congregation into their own life. I do not think anyone should be giving advice on a certain aspect of life, if you have never experienced it for yourself.

Being over-religious can be defined as making yourself believe that you are on a pedestal and you do not do anything wrong and try to fault others who do not share your beliefs or live in the way you think they should live. You can attend church every Sunday, but it does not mean you are learning anything or that you are guaranteed a spot in heaven.

No one in this world is perfect and I really do not like how many spiritual leaders are using their platforms to convict people and instead helping them. There is a female spiritual leader that watch sometimes on Youtube. I enjoy watching her videos because she talks about God and other things dealing with spirituality.

In one of her videos, she talks about how her and husband waited to kiss until they got married. She usually makes comments about how people who are courting should wait till their married to kiss or whatever. I just felt like that was great for her and husband waited to kiss, but that approach may not work for everyone.

I think it is a difference from telling your life story than you are trying to be cutthroat and just make demands on what people should do and don’t do. A spiritual person loves people for who they are and don’t try to change them.

You cannot make people do things you want them to do. If a person does not want to go to church, pray all the time, and fast then you just have to accept the fact that what works for you might not work for someone else.

No matter if you are an atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Jehovah Witness, homosexual, transgender, and etc, you should love everyone and not come as being a hypocrite. Jesus came across many people who lived differently from him, but he did not turn his back on them and made them feel bad. You do not kick someone when they are down, you need to help uplift them and be a motivator in their life.

I do not consider myself to be religious because I do not waste my time trying to push bible scriptures on others. It does not matter if you can recite scriptures from the bible, it does not make you better or worse than someone else. People can get so caught in trying to please others that they forget that these individuals’ opinions does not matter.

Whatever denomination you choose to be in that is your decision and you do not have to sit and listen to people who do nothing all day but criticize others for living a certain way.



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