How A Divorce Can Tear Apart A Family

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A divorce is a legal settlement where two individuals who were married make the decision to break up with one another.  A divorce breaks the family unit and creates tension between the two individuals who were married and their children. Being a child of two divorced parents can be very devastating because it can be a hard transition from having two parents in the home to being apart of a single parent home. Children will most likely feel the backlash of the divorce more heavily than their parents will because they cope with situations differently than adults do.

A child may feel abandon or betrayed if they have seen their parents go through a divorce. Children whose parents are divorced are more prone into becoming drug addicts, alcoholics, and criminals than children whose parents are married. Being a product of divorce can automatically put you in a stigma of being apart of a list of all negative things. The problem that occurs with children during a divorce is that they start to blame themselves for their parents separating.

In other cases, when a divorce happens one of the parents may make the decision to have nothing to do with their children and won’t even pay child support to even make sure that their kids are financially secured. What I dislike about a divorce is that all the attention tends to go to the husband and wife and no attention is given to the children. It is beneficial that everyone in the family gets therapy because they need to be able talk about their issues and not bawl them up inside.

A family unit will probably never been the same after a divorce is made, but there does not have to be any tension between any of the family members. A divorce is a hurtful matter that causes some people to lash out in the most derogatory way. The children may feel as though they are stuck in the middle and have to choose a side to be on. It may take years before a family can heal from a divorce or it may never heal at all. There are circumstances in life you can fix and others you just can’t.

A divorce is just like any break up that occurs from an ongoing relationship. You need time to grieve and then you need to learn how to cope with not having a certain person in your life anymore. Parents need to learn how to co-parent and respect the boundaries that has made between them and the court system. There are many kids that are products of a divorce and they still were able to be successful. You do not have to let a bad situation change the way how you feel about your parents.

I am not ashamed to say that I am a product of a divorce because my parent’s divorce taught me how to become strong and more responsible. It’s nothing like having two parents in the home, but if they are not in love with each other there is no reason why they should continue to stay together. Sometimes a divorce can be a blessing in disguise.


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  1. [ Smiles ] I think that if a couple are no longer in love with each other and they have that desire to separate from each other, they should be free to do so.

    There are those rare instances where the divorce party become friends.

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