Balancing Being in College and Having a Job

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Most college students get very overwhelmed with having to complete a rigorous amount of workload for their assignments for their classes and having a job on their free time. It can be so hard at times to make sure that you are excelling in all your classes and trying to make money while in college. If you are passionate about being in school it can be very difficult at times to pick and choose what activities you can do during the week. Every college student is not 18 years old and asking their parents to put money in their accounts to cover their school expenses.

There are many college students who do not have a support system to help them pay for their school expenses or have a family of their own that they have to provide for. Being in college is a job and just imagine the stress level of many students who have to be at work at a certain times during the day and then have to attend class later on that day. Don’t get me wrong financial aid helps pay for tuition expenses, but it does not help pay for rent, mortgage, light or a cable bill. There is so much competition to get grants and scholarships that it is not guaranteed that even if you are 4.0 student that you can go to school for free.

As young adults you are getting your first taste of the real world in college by trying to find ways to become financially independent and learn how to make yourself go to class everyday and get you assignments done on time. College is not easy and some students will definitely feel the negative effects of college if they do not learn how to have self-control and be able to multitask.

There are a lot of resources to how to become a successful college student, however you can read as many articles and books about college, but there is nothing like experiencing things on your own. There is always assignments to complete while you are in college and tests to study for. Your life does not have revolve around college sometimes you need a break and having a job can be a stress-reliever for many students.

The majority of college students are broke and need money to pay for their school expenses or just need money in their pockets. You do not realize how broke you are until you are in college. It can be so easy to get depressed and have anxiety in college because it is a lifestyle that many individuals will not understand unless they have gone off to college. The source that has helped me through my time in college is being able to talk to God about my problems.

My relationship with God during my first year of college was lukewarm and as a result I experienced a lot of chaos because I basically ignored God instead of giving the time he deserved. Also, the people you hang around can either be detrimental or beneficial to your growth as a student in college. It is best to surround yourself with people who are striving to excel in school and other areas in their life.

Making yourself stay busy in college is a good way to not get distracted and not worry about things that do not matter. Even after you graduate from college you still are going to have to learn how to balance work, family, money, and other important aspects of your life. Multitasking is apart of every individual’s daily life, you just have to learn different strategies as you get older to handle your circumstances with a level of maturity and responsibility.

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