How Soul-Ties Can Be Destructive To An Individual’s Wellbeing

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A soul-tie is a bond that is created in the spirit realm when two people make the decision to have sex, have a close-knit relationship or friendship, get married, and make a commitments and agreements with others. In a marriage, a husband and wife create a soul-tie by having sex and creating a bond with their life partner, but the problem with a soul-tie is that you could be bonded to someone for the rest of your life. Just imagine if two unequal yoked individuals make the decision to have sex before marriage, then they are setting themselves up to allow demonic spirits to enter their soul and cause chaos in their lives. Losing your virginity should not be taken lightly and whomever you choose to lay with , then you are allowing yourself to make a covenant with another individual who may have any strong feelings for you.

Having multiple sex partners can have a negative affect on a person’s well-being because you are allowing different demonic spirits to enter your body and influence them to continue live a life of sin. Sex is a special and sacred commitment between a husband and wife. Creating a soul-tie with someone who you are not married to can be very harmful and dangerous. Premarital sex is dangerous because individuals are setting themselves up to get hurt and allowing Satan to corrupt their lives. In Genesis 34:2-3 in the Contemporary English Version, states “She was seen by Harbor’s son Shechem and the leader of the Hivites and he grabbed her and raped her. But Shechem was attracted to Dinah, so he told her how much he loved her. Shechem even asked his father to arrange for him to marry her”.

This story in the Book of Genesis about Dinah and Shechem shows individuals that having a sexual desire for someone who is not your wife or husband can lead you down a path of destruction and can manipulate to act in an inappropriate manner. If you have no desire to be committed to someone for the rest of your life, then do not make the choice to sleep with them. It can be so easy to have feelings for someone you are having sex with, but if you are not married to this person, then you are being blinded by lust and not really looking at the reality of the situation. Sex is the quickest way to become attached to another person. If you know it or not, you start to imitate the behavior of the other person you have slept with. Sex is not a game that people should play with because it has major consequences that lead people to harm themselves and others around them.

There is only so much stress the heart can handle and creating a soul-tie with an individual you have no interest in marrying can bring drama into your life you may not have realized beforehand. There is a way to break a soul-tie and the best way to break this bondage is through repenting to the Lord. It will take time and a matter of self-control to get over someone and break a soul-tie. There is a reason why God intended for mankind to wait until they are married to have sex because there are serious consequences to having sex with someone outside of marriage. When you do not have sexual relations with another person, you have more clarity to see the behavior and actions of the person you are dating. Sex will not make a person make a commitment to you, so do not sell your soul for a few minutes of pleasure that you may end of regretting in the near future. Be careful of who you choose to lay with because you never know what  evil spirits living in their body waiting to wreck havoc on the next person willing to create a soul-tie with them.

Sex is a gift from the Lord and is only meant for people who are married to participate in. Temptation can be very hard to control at times because sometimes we may not intentionally meant to get in sticky situations. You should not have any sexual desires for anyone, not even your husband or wife because temptation can allow people to act in a strange manner. A sexual desire can turn into an obsession for a person, which can cause people to become too dependent and jealous of anyone who has a personal or professional relationship with the person they are infatuated with. If you want to get rid of a soul-tie ask God to show you what steps you need to do to break the bond and maybe talk to a spiritual leader in church to give some feedback on sexual immorality. No matter if you had a lot of sex partners, God washes away our sins and as believers in the Lord you should learn from your past mistakes and work to not do them again.


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