How to Determine if You Are In An Unequally Yoked Relationship?

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Being in an unequally yoked relationship means that both or one individual is either a Christian and the other is a non-believer of Jesus Christ. I know that many people are in unequally yoked relationships because they are always in turmoil with their significant other and may be in-denial that their significant other is “the one”. Premarital sex is one of the red flags prominent in unequally yoked relationships because both individuals may view sex as a way for a couple to express themselves to each other. Premartial sex is a constant practice that people practice on a daily basis and do not realize that they are creating a soul-tie with someone who is not destined to be their helpmeet.

In 2 Corithians 6:14 in the Contemporary English Version states, “stay away from people who are not followers of the Lord! Can someone who is good get along with someone who is evil? Are light and darkness the same”? God instructs all of his people to stay clear from people who do not believe in him because if you choose to be with someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, then the relationship is heading down a path of destruction. There is no way that two people can be on different pages and be in a relationship with one another. An unequally yoked couple is just like two oxen who are paired together, one strong and the other weak. The two oxen will never be able to work together because one will always be ahead of the other. No matter how much you try to convince yourself that it is acceptable to be with someone who does not believe in God and you do, the relationship will never last.

A Chrisitian being in an unequally yoked relationship with a non-believer will always be at odds with one another because you do not have the same morals and standards as the other person. God can not or will not bless a relationship that he did not destined for greatness. God has a helpmeet for each every individual who is destined to be married in the future. Some people mistake the counterfeit individual as being the helpmeet that God has sent for them. If you are in a relationship with an counterfeit individual, this means that you are creating a soul-tie with someone who is probably a non-believer and portrays themselves as a Christian by quoting scripture and doing other Chrisitan duties. The devil is the best deceiver on this planet, so people need to be cautious and not be so eager to jump in a relationship with someone who may not share the same faith in the Lord as they do.

Also, you can be unequally yoked with someone who is a Chrisitian as well. There are plenty of individuals together and they are believers of the Lord, but they are just not compatible for each other. The bible is a good source to decipher the signs to determine if you are in an unequally yoked relationship. To become a wife or husband, you have to possess the qualities of a wife or husband. The book of Esphesians discusses the type of man that all Chrisitian men should inspire to be and the book of Proverbs discusses the virtuous woman and how her value is worth more than rubies and diamonds. Sometimes we know we may be in an unequally yojed relationship, but we are keeping hope alive that they might be the one. If God is not in a center of a relationship and both individuals do not have the same standards and morals, then this relationship will not last.

There are some questions to ask yourself to figure out if you are in an unequally yoked relationship.

  • Does my boyfriend or girlfriend encourage me to grow closer to God or do they discourage to have a relationship with God?
  • Does your person dating respect your morals and does not try to pressure to do things that are not of the Lord?
  • Are you constantly in arguments or altercations with your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • Are you living together and you are not married?
  • Are you afraid to being committed to one person and making an covenant with God one day to honor your future wife or husband?

Unequally yoked relationships will never be acceptable in the eyes of our Lord and Savior. Sometimes we mistake that God sent a person when actually they were sent from the Devil. There are red flags you need to recognize before you make the decision to get into a relationship with someone. We all make mistakes regarding relationships, but if you choose to date God’s way you will see better results and even if you don’t end up with the right person, there was a lesson to learn from the person you were dating. If you want to be married one day, think long and hard about the decisions you are currently making and determine if you need to change aspects of yourself to become better and possibly have your helpmeet come into yor life. A relationship can only prosper if two individuals are strong with their faith in the Lord and working together to complete their God-ordained assignments.






  1. [ Smiles ] Before people get together, they should make sure that they have a few things in common. It would be unfortunate if the boyfriend was an atheist and the girlfriend a hardcore Christian.

    1. I totally agree, two people in a relationship should share the same faith. It will be a disaster waiting to happen, if the couple does not believe in the same things

  2. I hope people understand this does not pertain to marriage & if you’re married this is not grounds for divorce (Matthew 5:32), yet another part of ministry (husband or wife) 1 Corinthians 7:14.

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    1. Thanks reading my blog post. I don’t mind giving you advice on blogging because I pretty much had to learn everything from Youtube. Creating a successful blog website is not an overnight process. It will take you some time before you understand the different dynamics that go into creating a website. I started my website in November 2016. Over time you will get more comfortable writing and advertise your blogs on other media platforms. I wish you the best and hope to read your blogs in the future.

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