Is Social Media Persuading People to Become AntiSocial?

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People are spending more time on their phones getting on social media than building meaningful and exciting relationships with others who might hold the same interests as them. As you can see in the picture above, everyone is too busy playing on their phones than having a conversation. Is technology leading mankind down a path to destruction because it seems like social media has become such a big distraction to pretty much every age group that no one knows how to have a face-to-face conversation anymore. It seemed like eons ago when electricity was invented now you can’t even get people to look up from their phone for more than five minutes.

I understand that there are individuals whose careers are formed through social media, but there is no excuse to separate yourself from other people. The essence of mankind is to form relationships with others. Mankind will only continue to thrive if face-to-face communication is utilized more. I remember during my freshman year of college in my English 101 class, I was assigned to write a paper about technology. I chose to write my paper on whether or not technology influences people to not communicate with others face-to-face. I use to fall victim to getting on social media all day long and not talking to anyone.

People are more attached to their phones and more concerned with getting on social media than have conversations with other people. There is nothing wrong with making virtual interactions, but you should not spend more time talking to people on the internet than you do in person. Social media influences individuals to stay inside and not take the time out of their day to go outside to get some fresh air and meet new people. The more time you spend on social media it will make you become insecure and feel as though you have to change yourself to fit the description of the people you follow on social media.

Social media is full of negativity by individuals making snide comments, bullying others, starting rumors, getting into arguments, and body-shaming. Social media constantly reminds people that they are not good enough and they need to change something about themselves to fit in with the new trends. Social media is basically a popularity contest to see who can get the most followers and make the most outrageous posts to gain attention. Individuals are looking up to people whose platforms are surrounded by negativity. There are not enough positive role models on social media influencing people to change their lives for the better.

It is has become even more difficult to make new friends because people are too busy worried about the wrong things aka what’s going on social media. I think the generation who has definitely fallen victim to not communicating is my generation, which is the millennials. I grew up going outside and having a cell-phone when I turned twelve years old. I can remember my first actual phone was a Razor flip-phone. I cherished that phone dearly even though I had to share it with my twin sister.

My parents made sure that I spent more time during my adolescent and teenage years going outside and making friends than staying at home and confining myself. I enjoy being around other people because it gives me the opportunity to network with others. Interpersonal communication is the key to success because you have to communicate with others when you are at work, in the classroom, at church, or even when you go in the grocery store.

Social media is enabling people to not talk at all. When was the last time you  went out and tried to make conversation with someone and instead of the person having the courteousy to engage in conversation with you, they were too busy playing on their phone. People do not realize that we they are in a public place and constantly on their phone, they are making themselves unavailable to be open to communicating with others around them.


  1. Kids now a days have cell phones in elementary school. And I think about how much harm this can do to them because: (1) they have a hard time focusing in school because they get social media notification (2) parents neglect attention to them and just toss them a tablet or cell phone (3) kids are being human trafficking, bullied, or deal with a predator, and can look into porn.

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