Should You Continue to Date Someone if You Never Met Their Parents?

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Dating is the process of determining whether or not you find yourself romantically compatible with another person. When you first come in contact with a person you might find attractive, you might not be aware of their flaws until later on. Everyone usually is on their best behavior during the dating process because they want to show the other person that they could possibly be the right person for them. The constant mistakes people tend to make when they are dating someone is either meeting the parents of your boyfriend or girlfriend too early, too late, or never at all. I remember I was dating this particular guy during the holiday season and he invited me over to meet his family and I was a little skeptical about it because we were not even dating that long and he was already trying to get me to meet his family. There is nothing wrong with meeting the family of the person you are dating, but there could be a variety of red flags that you might ignore.

One way to learn more about a person is through their family. Family members tend to spill all of the secrets that you might not have known about your boyfriend or girlfriend. I did not realize at the time that my ex had made a ritual out of bringing women he dated to his grandmother’s house. I felt awkward and upset at the fact that my ex did not even have the courtesy to wait until he was sure that we were serious about each other before bringing me around his family. The problem a lot of people tend to make in relationships is that they move to fast too soon and don’t really think about the actions they make or how it will affect the other person involved. Everyone does not look at relationships in the same manner, which means you should really get to know  a person’s intentions regarding you and the relationship you two have with one another. I think a lot of misconceptions can be made while you are dating someone. Being introduced to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents does not automatically mean you are intended to marry this particular person. Meeting the parents intially on in the relationship could be the downfall of it. It does not matter if the parent’s of your significant other like you or not because at the end of the day, you are dating their child, not them. Now if you have been involved with a person for a lengthy amount of tiime and have never been introduced to your signifcant other’s parents this could be a serious problem.

In my opinion, I would like to take my time to get to know a guy and figure out if we are compatiable for each other. As a woman I know how it feels to be so in love with a guy that you forget all the red flags or skeltons he might have that you need to decipher whether or not you can handle it or not. Sometimes it can be a blessing if you have not met the parents yet because maybe there is something about the person you need to see to verify if this person is truly for you. You definitely can learn so much about a person by the relationship that they have with their parents. If a person is rude and disrespectful to his/her parents then how do you think they will treat you. Action speak louder than words and if a person is showing you their true colors, believe them and move on with your life. It can be even harder to end a relationship if you are close to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family. It is so important that you be cautious about who you bring around your family and what you tell them about the person you are dating. I know there will be arguments in a relationship, but please refrain from involving your family into your relationship. The minute you involve your family into every aspect of your relationship, they pretty much will have no filter of what to say regarding your love life. While you may vent to your mom or dad about your boyfriend or girlfriend, they are taking all of the information in you tell them and start to form their own opinions about the person, without even hearing their side of the story.

The more drama that you reveal to your family that is occurring in your relationship, the more dislike or low tolerance they will have for the person you are dating. There is no reason to vent to your parents about your boyfriend or girlfriend and you have no intentions of breaking up with them and moving on with your life. The rollercoaster ride of breaking up and getting back together gets really old and your family will soon see this as a ritual that you and your signficant other do all the time. Don’t bring anyone around your family unless you know for sure, you see yourself marrying them or have had several conversations about getting engaged and have actually went through with it. There is no use in bringing someone around your family and there is no commitment that has been made. I refuse to meet the parents of a guy I am dating until I know for sure if we both are serious with one another and see us both getting married. I’m sure no one wants to their family members to ask where is your significant other and you have broken up with them, then you have to explain the breakup. Be careful who you decide to bring around your family because you never know how the other person will feel about it. It can be so easy to get attached to someone by getting the invitation to meet their family, but don’t fall for it. If you see no engagement ring and preparation for a wedding, don’t get too excited. Unless you have heard that your boyfriend wants to marry you, don’t jump to conclusions about the relationship. If he wants to be in a committed relationship, then he will do everything he can to show you, he is the right person for you. If he is not putting in any effort to show you how much he cares for you, then I think it is time move on and end this relationship. I’m sure no woman in her right frame of mind wants to remain a girlfriend for the rest of her life.

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